The Rock

A look back at The Rock's career: Southland Tales and Raw

Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy Feature Nov 10, 2014

Our ongoing project to chat the film work of The Rock hits a weird patch with Richard Kelly's Southland Tales, and a return to Raw

Top 50 appearances by wrestlers in the movies

Wil Jones Odd List Sep 19, 2014

Wrestling's just like acting, right? Wil counts down the best film appearances by wrestlers and finds there might be quite a big difference

A look back at The Rock's career: Gridiron Gang

Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy Feature Sep 18, 2014

Our look back through The Rock's movie career continues with the 2006 American football drama, Gridiron Gang...

Dwayne Johnson attached to Not Without Hope

Glen Chapman News Nov 15, 2013

The Rock has another film on his slate, as he signs up for Not Without Hope...

Is it really all about Pain & Gain?

Jamie-Lee Nardone Feature Aug 29, 2013

Inspired by the physiques in Michael Bay's Pain & Gain, Jamie-Lee attempts an aggressive fitness regime of her own...

Jerry Bruckheimer: Lone Ranger, Statham, Con Air, critics

Simon Brew Interview Aug 8, 2013

Mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer chats to us about The Lone Ranger, Bad Boys 3, National Treasure 3 and The Statham...

The James Clayton Column: Preparing for Pain & Gain

James Clayton Feature Jun 7, 2013

Michael Bay's muscle-bound comedy thriller Pain & Gain is on the horizon, so James explains how we can all prepare for the experience...

Dangling people upside down from buildings in film

Ryan Lambie Feature Jun 4, 2013

If movie cops want information from villains, they dangle them from buildings. Ryan celebrates a curious film staple...

The Rock expresses interest in Luke Cage role for Marvel

Glen Chapman News May 20, 2013

Following some rather nice words directed to him from Kevin Feige, The Rock has expressed an interest in playing Luke Cage.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation review

Duncan Bowles Review Mar 27, 2013

After 2009's Rise Of Cobra, the G.I. Joe franchise returns to cinemas, this time starring The Rock. Here's Duncan's review of Retaliation...