The Abyss

14 movies that should have stopped minutes earlier

Simon Brew Ryan Lambie Feature Feb 10, 2015

Could the likes of L.A. Confidential, Lord Of The Rings, Leon and Harry Potter be enhanced by pulling to a stop a few minutes earlier?

Looking back at James Cameron's The Abyss

Michael Reed Feature Feb 4, 2015

The Abyss may not be the only James Cameron water-based movie movie. Yet his expensive thriller has plenty going for it...

Steven Quale interview: Into The Storm, Final Destination 5

Duncan Bowles Interview Aug 26, 2014

Director Steven Quale talks to us about his latest film Into The Storm, working on James Cameron's The Abyss, bad weather and more...

Dedications at the end of movies, and what they mean

The inside of a cinema
Simon Brew Odd List Apr 1, 2015

Lots of films are dedicated to, or in memory of someone. But it's not always clear why. Updated April 2015.

In defence of James Cameron

Ryan Lambie Feature Sep 12, 2012

Is James Cameron a victim of his success? Ryan comes to the defence of the Avatar director...

Top 50 alternate movie endings

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From unexpected deaths to last-minute twists, here’s our pick of 50 alternate movie endings that never made it to the big screen…

20 incredibly arduous film productions

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Script rewrites. Exacting directors. Terrible twists of fate. We look back through the ages to bring you 20 nightmarish film shoots…

The ultimate Michael Biehn interview: The Abyss, Tombstone, and his directorial debut, The Victim

Duncan Bowles Interview Aug 31, 2011

It’s the second part of our interview with Michael Biehn, in which he talks about his acting in The Abyss and Tombstone, and his first feature as director, The Victim…