Jon Spaihts

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt for new sci-fi film

Simon Brew News Feb 9, 2015

The director of The Imitation Game is lining up Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt for Passengers...

Alex Kurtzman to direct The Mummy reboot

Simon Brew News Jul 31, 2014

The Mummy finally has its director - but where does that leave Sony's Venom movie?

Doctor Strange movie: new writer, casting latest

Simon Brew News Jun 19, 2014

Three names remain in the frame for Marvel's Doctor Strange, as Jon Spaihts is hired to rework the screenplay...

The Mummy reboot lands a new director

The Mummy
Simon Brew News Sep 13, 2013

It was Len Wiseman, but now the director of Mama moves onto The Mummy...

Competing script for The Mummy reboot ordered

The Mummy
Simon Brew News Feb 15, 2013

It's The Hunger Games' Billy Ray versus Prometheus' Jon Spaihts, in the race to get a Mummy reboot script together...