Frank Grillo

Full trailer lands for The Purge: Anarchy

Simon Brew Trailer Mar 28, 2014

The full trailer for The Purge 2, better known as The Purge: Anarchy, has landed...

Frank Grillo to headline The Purge 2

Simon Brew News Dec 12, 2013

The sequel to The Purge is set to star Frank Grillo, it's been revealed...

Joe Carnahan exits Death Wish remake

Bruce Willis
Glen Chapman News Feb 25, 2013

A dispute over casting - specifically Bruce Willis - has reportedly led to Joe Carnahan quitting the new Death Wish movie...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier casting updates

The Avengers
Simon Brew News Oct 30, 2012

Two pieces of confirmed casting news for the upcoming Captain America 2...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier casting rumours

Captain America
Simon Brew News Oct 29, 2012

Could Downton Abbey and Captain America 2 end up having something in common...