District 9

Edge Of Tomorrow and the future of stand-alone sci-fi

Ryan Lambie Feature Jun 12, 2014

Despite great reviews, Edge Of Tomorrow has struggled. What does that mean for the future of stand-alone sci-fi films, we wonder...

9 potentially great movie sequels teased but never made

Ryan Lambie Odd List Apr 23, 2014

We take a look back at the geek movies that have hinted at sequels that were never made, and we'd really like to see...

Why are videogames so heavily influenced by movies?

Ryan Lambie Feature Aug 28, 2013

As Lost Planet 3 evokes memories of James Cameron's Aliens, Ryan wonders whether games will always be heavily influenced by movies...

The James Clayton Column: Pessimistic sci-fi films

James Clayton Feature Aug 23, 2013

The arrival of Elysium in UK cinemas prompts James to ponder the bleak societies of sci-fi movies past, present and future...

New details emerge for Neill Blomkamp's next film, Chappie

Ryan Lambie News Aug 14, 2013

As Elysium emerges worldwide, new story details emerge for Neill Blomkamp's next film, Chappie...

Sharlto Copley: Elysium, District 9, A-Team, Fawlty Towers

Ryan Lambie Interview Aug 13, 2013

Ahead of Elysium's UK release, we speak to its villain and District 9 star - Sharlto Copley - about acting, improvisation and Fawlty Towers

Neill Blomkamp on Elysium, District 9, Chappie and more

Ryan Lambie Interview Aug 12, 2013

With his latest film, Elysium, out in the UK soon, we met with director Neill Blomkamp to talk about sci-fi, District 9, and more...

Elysium review

Ryan Lambie Review Aug 9, 2013

District 9 director Neill Blomkamp returns with the sci-fi action thriller, Elysium. Here's Ryan's review...

Exclusive: Neill Blomkamp on his next sci-fi film, Chappie

Ryan Lambie News Jun 11, 2013

We can exclusively reveal that Elysium and District 9 director Neill Blomkamp's next film will be based on his 2003 short, Tetra Vaal...

New images from Neill Blomkamp's Elysium, trailer incoming

Simon Brew News Apr 8, 2013

Matt Damon stars in Neill Blomkamp's second directorial effort following District 9. Here are some pics from Elysium...