Damian Lewis

Bill review

Alys Key Review
Sep 16, 2015

The Horrible Histories team tackle the early life of William Shakespeare. A funny family treat is the end result.

Wolf Hall: controversy, adaptation and poetic licence

Gem Wheeler Feature
Jan 12, 2016

After its 2016 Golden Globe win, we revisit the controversies surrounding BBC Two's sumptuous Wolf Hall adaptation...

Wolf Hall episode 6 review: Master Of Phantoms

Louisa Mellor Review
Feb 25, 2015

Wolf Hall concludes its superlative series with an episode that makes historical tragedy come alive...

Wolf Hall episode 5 review: Crows

Louisa Mellor Review
Feb 19, 2015

Cromwell’s position at court becomes more precarious by the minute in Wolf Hall's penultimate episode...

Wolf Hall episode 4 review: The Devil’s Spit

Louisa Mellor Review
Feb 12, 2015

Spying, bribery and torture all play a part in this week’s Wolf Hall. How very twenty-first century…

Wolf Hall episode 3 review: Anna Regina

Louisa Mellor Review
Feb 5, 2015

Wolf Hall’s politics is every bit as modern as our own, as this week’s desire-filled episode showed…

Wolf Hall episode 2 review: Entirely Beloved

Louisa Mellor Review
Jan 29, 2015

Mark Rylance’s Thomas Cromwell gains a new master and retains all the best lines as the BBC’s splendid Wolf Hall continues…

Wolf Hall episode 1 review: Three Card Trick

Louisa Mellor Review
Jan 21, 2015

BBC Two's Wolf Hall opens its doors to reveal a splendid, well-cast and surprisingly modern political drama…

Homeland season 3 teaser trailer

Louisa Mellor News
Jul 30, 2013

There's footage in this Homeland season 3 teaser, but there are some noises. Find out which noises, here...

The growing problem with Homeland

Simon Brew Feature
Dec 17, 2012

Just one year ago, Homeland was the new must-watch show of US television. So what’s going wrong?