Andrew Stanton

Toy Story 4 confirmed, new director details

Toy Story 3
Simon Brew News Mar 13, 2015

UPDATE: PIxar has announced a co-director to work with John Lasseter on Toy Story 4.

Disney loses John Carter movie rights, new studio sought

Simon Brew News Oct 21, 2014

Disney no longer has the rights to make John Carter movies and TV shows, as Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc seeks "a new partner".

Andrew Stanton teases unmade John Carter sequels

John Carter
Simon Brew News Jun 9, 2014

John Carter director Andrew Stanton has teased the two sequels that never were...

Finding Nemo 2 confirmed and named

Simon Brew News Apr 2, 2013

Pixar has taken the first wraps off Finding Nemo 2, now known as Finding Dory...

Albert Brooks signs up for Finding Nemo 2

Glen Chapman News Feb 13, 2013

The man who provides the voice of Marlin, Albert Brooks, has signed on the dotted line to reprise the role in Finding Nemo 2...

Andrew Stanton on John Carter, Finding Nemo 2

Simon Brew News Sep 11, 2012

Director Andrew Stanton looks back on the reception to John Carter, and confirms that he's signed up to make Finding Nemo 2...

Jon Favreau on his original John Carter plan

John Carter
Simon Brew News Jul 26, 2012

Before Andrew Stanton got the job, it was Jon Favreau who was attached to direct John Carter. So how would he have approached it?

Pixar making Finding Nemo 2

Simon Brew News Jul 17, 2012

Andrew Stanton is set to direct a sequel to Finding Nemo, due in 2016.

John Carter’s weekend box office above expectations, hope for a sequel yet?

John Carter
Simon Brew News Mar 12, 2012

How the international box office takings of Andrew Stanton’s John Carter movie might just have rescued its commercial fortunes…

Does John Carter break the Edgar Rice Burroughs movie curse?

Terence Bowman News Mar 7, 2012

Adaptations of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novels haven’t fared well in the past, so can Andrew Stanton’s John Carter break the cycle? Terence finds out...