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Game Of Thrones season 5 cryptic teaser appears

Rob Leane News Dec 17, 2014

Do you have The Sight? If so, you may have seen this Game Of Thrones teaser already…

Rumour: The Walking Dead spin-off could be a prequel

Rob Leane News Dec 17, 2014

Remember that Walking Dead companion series? Well, apparently it might be a prequel…

Benedict Cumberbatch was on the Sandman wishlist

Simon Brew News Dec 17, 2014

Tom Hiddleston is on Neil Gaiman's list for Sandman, and Benedict Cumberbatch would have fitted the bill too...

Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller role cast

Simon Brew News Dec 17, 2014

It looks like Viola Davis will be taking on the role of Amanda Waller in DC and David Ayer's Suicide Squad film.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5: "they want to reboot"

Simon Brew News Dec 17, 2014

Orlando Bloom may be rejoining Johnny Depp for the next Pirates Of The Caribbean film - which may just be a reboot...

Tim Burton on superhero movies, and the Marvel formula

Tim Burton: always interesting, but no longer great?
Simon Brew News Dec 17, 2014

After kickstarting the comic book movie boom with his Batman films, Tim Burton may return, but questions the ongoing Marvel formula...

Sony hackers issue threat over The Interview, NY premiere off

Simon Brew News Dec 17, 2014

UPDATE: The New York premiere of The Interview is cancelled, and at least one US cinema chain won't be screening the film.

Street Fighter V: new gameplay footage

Ryan Lambie News Dec 16, 2014

A new video from Capcom shows what a fight between old foes Chun-Li and Ryu will look like in Street Fighter V...

ITV announces 13-part Beowulf series

Rob Leane News Dec 16, 2014

Presumably without Ray Winstone, ITV has commissioned a new series based on the Beowulf poem...

Marc Singer joins Arrow cast

Rob Leane News Dec 16, 2014

The Beastmaster himself is coming to The CW’s Arrow...