iZombie season 2: trailer lands online

Rob Leane News Sep 3, 2015

"What I wouldn't give for a piece of your brain" laments Liv in the latest promo for iZombie season 2...

Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural & more 2015 start dates

Rob Leane News Jun 25, 2015

The CW has announced the premiere dates for the new seasons of Arrow, The Flash and iZombie, as well as Supernatural and Vampire Diaries.

iZombie season 1 finale review: Blaine's World

Caroline Preece Review Jun 10, 2015

Blaine's World - Party time? Excellent? Here's Caroline's review of iZombie's season 1 finale...

iZombie episode 12 review: Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat

Caroline Preece Review Jun 4, 2015

As iZombie approaches the end of its first season, Liv's secret is beginning to get out...

iZombie episodes 10 & 11 review: Mr Berserk & Astroburger

Caroline Preece Review Jun 3, 2015

iZombie is finally using its formula to tell us something about Liv beneath the surface, and it really works...

iZombie episode 9 review: Patriot Brains

Caroline Preece Review May 18, 2015

iZombie's disparate elements finally begin to coalesce in an episode that tackles the morality of Liv's situation...

iZombie: teen horror comedy renewed for second season

Rob Leane News May 7, 2015

The CW have renewed their comic book adaptation iZombie for a second season, it’s been confirmed…

iZombie episode 6 review: Maternity Liv

Caroline Preece Review May 4, 2015

Is iZombie's procedural case-of-the-week aspect dragging down the rest of the show? Maternity Liv suggests so...

iZombie episode 5 review: Flight Of The Living Dead

Caroline Preece Review Apr 20, 2015

Liv rediscovers her zest for life in the latest Veronica Mars-channelling episode of iZombie...

iZombie episode 4 review: Liv And Let Clive

Caroline Preece Review Apr 13, 2015

iZombie's collection of supporting characters is one of its greatest assets. Here's our review of Liv And Let Clive...