Gotham: how many villains is too many?

Rob Leane Feature Aug 3, 2015

As season 2 approaches, Rob examines Gotham’s juggling act and asks if we need any more villains…

Gotham season 2: second trailer lands online

Rob Leane News Aug 4, 2015

"The lunatics will run the asylum" claims the second trailer for Gotham season 2...

Gotham season 2: Michael Chiklis joins cast as GCPD captain

Rob Leane News Jul 22, 2015

Michael Chiklis – two-time Ben Grimm, and star of The Shield – has joined Gotham as a mentor to Jim Gordon…

Why I love inaccurate superhero movies

Wil Jones Feature Jul 23, 2015

Before superhero movies became big business, they were a lot more fun, Wil argues...

Gotham season 2: Bruno Heller on 'brilliant' season-long Joker arc

Rob Leane News Jul 20, 2015

Ahead of Cameron Monaghan's Jerome returning in Gotham season 2, Bruno Heller and Ben McKenzie have discussed the Joker's arc...

Gotham, Minority Report & more 2015 start dates

Rob Leane News Jun 26, 2015

Fox has now released their start dates for 2015's fall season, including the likes of Gotham, Minority Report and Sleepy Hollow...

Gotham season 2: Tigress, Mr Freeze and Joker confirmed

Rob Leane News Jun 29, 2015

Jessica Lucas will play Tigress in Gotham season 2. Mr Freeze, Joker and Riddler will also be among the baddies...

Batman: Arkham Knight - new seven-minute gameplay trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer May 29, 2015

Poison Ivy and the new Batmobile feature in the seven-minute gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight...

Gotham: Nicholas D’Agosto’s Harvey Dent becoming series regular

Rob Leane News May 29, 2015

Gotham season 2 will have more Harvey Dent action, as Nicholas D’Agosto has signed up for an expanded role…

Gotham episode 22 review: All Happy Families Are Alike

Rob Leane Review May 5, 2015

Gotham’s season finale was full of twists and turns, but did it feel like a satisfying conclusion?