Gotham episode 19 review: Beasts Of Prey

Rob Leane Review Apr 14, 2015

Gotham attempts to ramp up anticipation for its finale this week, but falls flat on middling material…

Gotham: Ben McKenzie discusses season one finale

Rob Leane News Apr 14, 2015

Jim Gordon himself, actor Ben McKenzie, has been teasing big moments in the upcoming Gotham season one finale…

Gotham: new trailer reveals the villainous Ogre

Rob Leane News Apr 7, 2015

Could Leslie be the target of Gotham’s latest killer? Jim Gordon puts her in danger in this new trailer…

Gotham: No Cameron Monaghan until season 2 or 3

Rob Leane News Mar 17, 2015

Cameron Monaghan’s Jerome, a favourite in the who’s-the-Joker stakes, wont be back to Gotham for a while…

Does comic book TV need freak of the week villains?

Rob Leane Feature Apr 1, 2015

Arrow, The Flash, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Gotham have all dabbled with forgettable weekly villains, but are freaks of the week really necessary?

Gotham: Chris Chalk cast as Lucius Fox

Rob Leane News Mar 9, 2015

Another iconic character from Batman lore is joining Gotham – Chris Chalk will play Lucius Fox…

Gotham episode 18 review: Everyone Has A Cobblepot

Rob Leane Review Mar 8, 2015

With corruption, danger and deception at every turn, this week’s Gotham was a real treat...

Gotham episode 17 review: Red Hood

Rob Leane Review Feb 26, 2015

Despite being a big tease for fans of DC Comics, Gotham’s Red Hood episode was a bit of a let-down…

Gotham episode 16 review: The Blind Fortune Teller

Rob Leane Review Feb 19, 2015

Gotham's central investigation was well-written this week, it's a shame the same can't be said about its female characters...

Gotham: first look at the latest potential Joker

Rob Leane News Feb 12, 2015

A teaser for the next Gotham episode has revealed our next contender for The Clown Prince Of Crime mantle, young Cameron Monaghan…