Gotham episode 17 review: Red Hood

Rob Leane Review Feb 26, 2015

Despite being a big tease for fans of DC Comics, Gotham’s Red Hood episode was a bit of a let-down…

Gotham episode 16 review: The Blind Fortune Teller

Rob Leane Review Feb 19, 2015

Gotham's central investigation was well-written this week, it's a shame the same can't be said about its female characters...

Gotham: first look at the latest potential Joker

Rob Leane News Feb 12, 2015

A teaser for the next Gotham episode has revealed our next contender for The Clown Prince Of Crime mantle, young Cameron Monaghan…

Gotham episode 15 review: The Scarecrow

Rob Leane Review Feb 11, 2015

Gotham continues Jonathan Crane's origin story this week, one that contrasts revealingly with that of young Bruce Wayne...

Gotham: showrunner promises more Joker in season 1

The Joker poster
Rob Leane News Feb 5, 2015

Bruno Heller has been addressing the lack of Joker in Gotham, by promising a big season one teaser…

Gotham episode 14 review: The Fearsome Dr Crane

Rob Leane Review Feb 4, 2015

Gotham settles into its familiar groove of murders, investigations and teasing the audience in this Scarecrow prequel episode...

Questions raised by Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises

Phoebe-Jane Boyd Feature Feb 3, 2015

What kind of Catwoman did Anne Hathaway turn out to be in Christopher Nolan's final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises?

Gotham episode 13 review: Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

Rob Leane Review Jan 27, 2015

Jim Gordon takes a morally dubious step in his quest for a cleaned-up Gotham City in this week's episode of the Batman prequel...

Gotham episode 12 review: What The Little Bird Told Him

Rob Leane Review Jan 21, 2015

After months of waiting, Gotham finally rewards viewers with the Jim Gordon, and the war, that they've been promised from the start...

Gotham renewed for season two

Rob Leane News Jan 19, 2015

Get ready for more of Jim Gordon’s adventures – Gotham has been picked up for a second season…