Movie cyborgs, sci-fi, and what's really going on

Rob Leane Feature Mar 20, 2014

Rob examines the cyborgs of RoboCop, Terminator: Salvation, Doctor Who, Elysium, Star Trek and more...

The 12 finest movie villains of 2013

Ryan Lambie Simon Brew Odd List Jan 3, 2014

They made us boo and hiss, and maybe made us like them a little bit, too. Here's our rundown of our favourite 2013 movie villains...

The James Clayton Column: My 2013 Christmas gift wishlist

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As the season of Yule approaches, James lists the film-related gadgets he'd love for Christmas...

Do fewer studio movies offer a big opportunity?

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The rise of Lionsgate and the decreasing number of big studio movies might just be shaking up the film marketplace...

The James Clayton Column: Pessimistic sci-fi films

James Clayton Feature Aug 23, 2013

The arrival of Elysium in UK cinemas prompts James to ponder the bleak societies of sci-fi movies past, present and future...

New details emerge for Neill Blomkamp's next film, Chappie

Ryan Lambie News Aug 14, 2013

As Elysium emerges worldwide, new story details emerge for Neill Blomkamp's next film, Chappie...

Sharlto Copley: Elysium, District 9, A-Team, Fawlty Towers

Ryan Lambie Interview Aug 13, 2013

Ahead of Elysium's UK release, we speak to its villain and District 9 star - Sharlto Copley - about acting, improvisation and Fawlty Towers

Neill Blomkamp on Elysium, District 9, Chappie and more

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With his latest film, Elysium, out in the UK soon, we met with director Neill Blomkamp to talk about sci-fi, District 9, and more...

Elysium review

Ryan Lambie Review Aug 9, 2013

District 9 director Neill Blomkamp returns with the sci-fi action thriller, Elysium. Here's Ryan's review...

Full trailer lands for Neill Blomkamp's Elysium

Simon Brew News Jun 14, 2013

Matt Damon and Sharlto Copley star in the new film from Distict 9's Neill Blomkamp, Elysium. And here's the new trailer...