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Alien Nation remake planned, Iron Man writers on board

Simon Brew News Mar 27, 2015

The 1980s sci-fi movie Alien Nation looks like it's next to get the remake treatment...

Downton Abbey movie possible once show is over

Simon Brew News Mar 27, 2015

Plus: confirmation that Downton Abbey will end its TV run after series 6...

Simon Pegg on Star Trek 3, Star Trek Into Darkness issues

Simon Brew News Mar 27, 2015

Simon Pegg hasn't read Roberto Orci's earlier draft for the next Star Trek film. Plus, he shares his thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness.

Aquaman: first image of Jason Momoa, now without text

Simon Brew News Mar 27, 2015

The first picture of Jason Momoa as Aquaman, now without the writing over the top of it...

Spooks: The Greater Good - brand new trailer

Simon Brew Trailer Mar 27, 2015

Game Of Thrones' Kit Harington takes the lead, as Spooks heads to the big screen. Here's the new Spooks: The Greater Good trailer...

Exclusive: Robot Overlords TV show in the works

Simon Brew News Mar 27, 2015

Fancy a TV show exploring the Earth under the rule of robots? Robot Overlords will be heading to the smaller screen in due course...

Jon Wright interview: Robot Overlords, reviews, the Don Logan moment

Simon Brew Interview Mar 27, 2015

Jon Wright on directing Robot Overlords, working with Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson, and why he made an 80s-style family film.

Confirmed: Robotech movie is pressing ahead

Simon Brew News Mar 26, 2015

It's definite: Robotech is heading to the big screen...

X-Men: Apocalypse finds a new Jubilee

Simon Brew News Mar 26, 2015

Bryan Singer adds Lana Condor to the X-Men: Apocalypse cast, as Jubilation Lee will be joining the roster...

Fifty Shades Of Grey: director quits sequels

Simon Brew News Mar 26, 2015

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson will not be returning for any more Fifty Shades Of Grey movies...

Confirmed: Steven Spielberg directing Ready Player One

Simon Brew News Mar 26, 2015

It'll be Steven Spielberg, not Christopher Nolan, who'll be bringing Ernest Cline's Ready Player One to the big screen....

Star Trek 3: Idris Elba linked with villain role

Idris Elba
Simon Brew News Mar 26, 2015

Idris Elba may be moving from the Marvel cinematic universe to the next Star Trek film...

Friday The 13th reboot: Hannibal producer to pen script

Friday the 13th
Simon Brew News Mar 26, 2015

We don't know if the next Friday The 13th will be a full sequel. But we do know who's writing it...

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Maggie: first trailer

Simon Brew Trailer Mar 26, 2015

Zombies and Arnold Schwarzenegger? That's what you get in Maggie, and here's the trailer to prove it...

Jason Segel & Drew Pearce writing, directing new LEGO spin-off movie

Simon Brew News Mar 26, 2015

Add another LEGO movie to the schedules, as The Billion Brick Race will mark Drew Pearce and Jason Segel's feature directing debut.

Batman V Superman: first pic of Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor

Simon Brew News Mar 25, 2015

Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor is bald, and "not any of the Lexes that you've seen"...

Entourage: new trailer lands for movie

Simon Brew Trailer Mar 25, 2015

The gang returns for the Entourage movie - and here's the latest trailer for it...

Back To The Future tribute heading to ITV, Keith Lemon hosts

Simon Brew News Mar 25, 2015

Paddy McGuinness, Keith Lemon and McBusted will be leading ITV's Back To The Future celebrations.

Star Trek 3: Simon Pegg gives an update

Simon Brew News Mar 25, 2015

The new Star Trek movie script has to be done by June, as Simon Pegg chats about penning the new film.

Liam Neeson signs up for another action thriller

Simon Brew News Mar 25, 2015

Run All Night didn't hit, Taken 3 did. So Liam Neeson is trying another action thriller: this time, it's Narco Sub...