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Suicide Squad wraps production, new cast and crew picture

Simon Brew News Sep 1, 2015

The cast and crew assemble for a farewell Suicide Squad picture. It's worth taking a closer look at...

Andrew Garfield on Amazing Spider-Man 3, Marvel wishes

Simon Brew News Sep 1, 2015

Andrew Garfield was keen to see Spider-Man be part of Marvel's cinematic universe - and had been arguing the case for some time...

Iron Giant 2: Brad Bird rules out sequel

Simon Brew News Sep 1, 2015

Vin Diesel may have hinted at The Iron Giant 2 - but director Brad Bird says it's not going to happen...

Ghostbusters: Bill Murray on why he's filmed a cameo

Simon Brew News Sep 1, 2015

Bill Murray admits he was unsure about whether to return for Ghostbusters - then reveals what changed his mind.

Batman V Superman: Michael Shannon on those Zod rumours

Simon Brew News Sep 1, 2015

Update: Michael Shannon has given an update on rumours that circulated regarding General Zod in Batman V Superman...

Marvel Studios reorganisation gives Kevin Feige more power

Simon Brew News Sep 1, 2015

Kevin Feige's success at Marvel appears to have been rewarded by Disney...

Will Smith stars in Concussion: first trailer here

Simon Brew Trailer Sep 1, 2015

Might Sony have Oscar hopes for its new Will Smith film? Here's the first trailer for Concussion...

Prometheus 2 is definitely Ridley Scott's next film

Simon Brew News Aug 28, 2015

Ridley Scott is definitely directing Prometheus 2, it's definitely his next film, and he's already been scouting locations...

Paddington crosses 1m DVD & Blu-ray sales in UK

Simon Brew News Aug 28, 2015

Paddington is the biggest selling disc of the year in the UK so far - and it's just rushed to a big sales landmark...

Captain America: Civil War new poster, Hawkeye costume

Simon Brew News Aug 28, 2015

Jeremy Renner reveals a new poster, new artwork and a new Hawkeye costume for Captain America: Civil War...

Batman V Superman: Henry Cavill on comic book movie fatigue

Simon Brew News Aug 28, 2015

"People will complain about it all the time", notes Henry Cavill of the continued flood of superhero movies...

Doctor Strange: Mads Mikkelsen to play a villain

Simon Brew News Aug 28, 2015

Mads Mikkelsen is set to jump from Star Wars: Rogue One to Marvel's Doctor Strange, opposite Benedict Cumberbatch...

First image: Michael Fassbender in Assassin's Creed

Simon Brew News Aug 27, 2015

Fresh story details for the Assassin's Creed movie - and the first image of Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch...

The Hobbit extended trilogy trailer, R rating for Five Armies

Simon Brew Trailer Aug 27, 2015

The extended cut of The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies has been rated R in the US...

Suicide Squad: Margot Robbie on Jared Leto’s Joker

Simon Brew News Aug 27, 2015

A few words from Margot Robbie on Jared Leto's Joker in Suicide Squad, and how she was nearly cast in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four...

M Night Shyamalan and Joaquin Phoenix reuniting on new project

Simon Brew News Aug 27, 2015

Following Signs and The Village, M Night Shyamalan is recruiting Joaquin Phoenix for his next movie...

Anne Hathaway headlining new sci-fi comedy

Simon Brew News Aug 27, 2015

Interstellar’s Anne Hathaway is to produce and take the lead in The Shower…

Looking ahead to the big blockbusters of summer 2016

Simon Brew Feature Aug 26, 2015

Reboots, videogame adaptations, and a few long awaited sequels are all due for release next year...

Bruce Willis: was he "fired" from Woody Allen's new film?

Simon Brew News Aug 26, 2015

Hours after he was seen on set of Woody Allen's 2016 movie, Bruce Willis has left the project due to 'scheduling problems'...

World War Z 2: Steven Knight turns in new draft

Simon Brew News Aug 26, 2015

With production starting early next year, Steven Knight has given a quick update on the Brad Pitt-headlined World War Z 2...