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No Man's Sky: 18 minutes of gameplay footage

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jul 7, 2015

Want to know more about Hello Games' incredible looking space sim, No Man's Sky? Then here's the video for you...

Song Of The Sea review

Ryan Lambie Review Jul 7, 2015

From the director of The Secret Of Kells comes the Oscar-nominated Song Of The Sea. Here’s Ryan’s review of a charming animated film...

Tomm Moore and Paul Young: making Song Of The Sea

Ryan Lambie Interview Jul 7, 2015

Song Of The Sea's director and producer talk us through the inspiration and process of making their Oscar-nominated feature...

Minecraft: Story Mode - first trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jul 6, 2015

Telltale's adventure game based on Minecraft has its first trailer. Here's an early look at Minecraft: Story Mode...

Update: Mega Man Legends successor Red Ash hits Kickstarter

Ryan Lambie News Jul 6, 2015

Ahead of the release of Mighty No. 9, Keiji Inafune has teased Red Ash - a new game thought to revive the spirit of Mega Man Legends...

Song Of The Sea: how an animated treat was made

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 6, 2015

We look at how director Tomm Moore created the Oscar-nominated animation Song Of The Sea, and how the Irish landscape inspired it...

The highs and lows of the soft movie reboot

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 3, 2015

This summer has seen Mad Max, Jurassic World and Terminator movies hit cinemas. Ryan looks at what’s good and bad about the soft reboot...

Terminator Genisys: so who is Matt Smith’s character really?

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 3, 2015

Matt Smith's part in Terminator Genisys has long been a secret. So how does his role affect this summer's sequel...?

Alien tribute film brings back Newt, stars Carrie Henn

Ryan Lambie News Jul 2, 2015

Unofficial sequel Alien Identity is set after Aliens, brings back Newt and reintroduces actors Carrie Henn and Ricco Ross...

Rodea The Sky Soldier - new game from the creator of Sonic

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jul 2, 2015

From the creator of Sonic The Hedgehog comes Rodea The Sky Soldier. Here's a brand new trailer...

Terminator Genisys - David Ellison & Dana Goldberg interview

Ryan Lambie Interview Jul 2, 2015

The producers of Terminator: Genisys tell us all about the forthcoming film and their plans for the franchise's future...

Terminator Genisys: 22 questions about the film answered

Ryan Lambie Simon Brew Odd List Jul 2, 2015

Did Terminator Genisys leave you scratching your head? We were a bit confused too. We try to explain 22 of its pressing questions.

Fans create their own version of Konami's cancelled PT

Ryan Lambie News Jul 1, 2015

Mourning the loss of PT, the cancelled Silent Hill game from Konami? Then the fan-made Allison Road might just fill the gap...

Terminator Genisys review

Ryan Lambie Review Jul 1, 2015

Schwarzenegger's back, but how does Terminator Genisys match its predecessors? Here's Ryan's verdict...

The Terminator's perfect shot

Ryan Lambie Feature Jun 30, 2015

With Terminator Genisys on the way, Ryan analyses what might just be the most powerful shot in James Cameron's The Terminator...

Ocarina Of Time hits Wii U eShop on Thursday

Ocarina of Time
Ryan Lambie News Jun 29, 2015

Much--loved classic The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is out on Wii U's eShop on Thursday, Nintendo has announced...

Zelda: Tri Force Heroes - 15 minutes of gameplay footage

Ryan Lambie News Jun 29, 2015

A new video showing off The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes has emerged in the wake of E3. See it for yourself within...

Arkham Knight: PC version "will take some time" to fix

Ryan Lambie News Jun 29, 2015

Warner has released the first patch for Batman: Arkham Knight PC, but admits there's "significant" work to do before it's fixed...

Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney interview: Terminator Genisys

Ryan Lambie Interview Jun 29, 2015

The two stars of Terminator Genisys, Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney, talk about their roles in this summer's sci-fi action movie...

Bethesda explains why Doom 4 was scrapped

Ryan Lambie News Jun 26, 2015

There's a new Doom on the way, but it's very different from the Doom 4 announced in 2008. Bethesda explains why it was scrapped...