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Revisiting Commando at 30

Ryan Lambie Feature May 4, 2015

As the Director's Cut arrives on Blu-ray, Ryan pays a return visit to 1985's Commando, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger...

Monsters: Dark Continent review

Ryan Lambie Review May 1, 2015

Giant alien creatures spread to the Middle East in the sequel Monsters: Dark Continent. Here's Ryan's review...

Big Game review

Ryan Lambie Review Apr 30, 2015

Samuel L Jackson leads a batty comedy thriller from the director of Rare Exports. Here's Ryan's review of Big Game...

Tom Green interview: Monsters: Dark Continent and Misfits

Ryan Lambie Interview Apr 30, 2015

With Monsters: Dark Continent out in UK cinemas this weekend, director Tom Green talks to us about filming in the desert, Misfits and more.

Spooks: The Greater Good review

Ryan Lambie Review Apr 29, 2015

Kit Harington heads up a big-screen continuation of BBC's Spooks. Here's Ryan's review of the tepid thriller, Spooks: The Greater Good...

Silent Hills, Metal Gear - what's going on at Konami?

Ryan Lambie Feature Apr 29, 2015

Once a major, innovative force in gaming, Konami seems to be having a creative wobble of late. Ryan casts a worried eye over the situation.

The top 25 underappreciated films of 1989

Ryan Lambie Simon Brew Odd List Apr 29, 2015

From a crazy early Nic Cage role to a lesser-known film starring Robert De Niro, here's our pick of 25 underappreciated films from 1989...

Just Cause 3: the first gameplay trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Apr 28, 2015

Update: The chaotic action sandbox series returns with Just Cause 3. Here's the latest explosion-filled gameplay trailer...

Valve ends paid-for mods on Steam

Ryan Lambie News Apr 28, 2015

Following an angry backlash, Valve has put an end to paid-for mods in games like Skyrim - after less than a week...

Tekken 7: a new fighter called Gigas introduced

Ryan Lambie Trailer Apr 28, 2015

The roster of fighters in Tekken 7 expands, as Namco introduces the bulky, hard-hitting Gigas...

Five Nights At Freddy's 4 announced for Halloween

Ryan Lambie News Apr 28, 2015

Cult indie game phenomenon Five Nights At Freddy's is back for a fourth outing, dated for this Halloween...

Batman: Arkham Knight - brand new trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Apr 27, 2015

The new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight sees the Caped Crusader joined by Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman...

Galaga-Tekken mash-up game hits Japan this month

Ryan Lambie Trailer Apr 27, 2015

Namco's made a Galaga Tekken game, and it's due out in Japan at the end of April...

Confirmed: Silent Hills "will not be continued" says Konami

Ryan Lambie News Apr 27, 2015

Update: Konami has now confirmed what Guillermo del Toro suggested at the weekend. Silent Hills is cancelled...

Bad Land: Road To Fury review

Ryan Lambie Review Apr 27, 2015

Michael Shannon leads a superb cast in the sci-fi western, Bad Land: Road To Fury. Here’s Ryan’s review...

Call Of Duty: Black Ops III - the brand new trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Apr 26, 2015

Guns, explosions and augmented super-soldiers - here's the first full trailer for Activision's Call Of Duty: Black Ops III...

YouTube video puts the colour back into Man Of Steel

Ryan Lambie Viral Video Apr 24, 2015

YouTube channel VideoLab adjusts the colour levels on Zack Snyder's desaturated Man Of Steel. See the results within...

Call Of Duty: Black Ops III - new teaser trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Apr 24, 2015

There's a new teaser for Call Of Duty Black Ops III ahead of its big reveal this Sunday. And here it is...

Telltale to make games with Marvel Entertainment

Ryan Lambie News Apr 24, 2015

The makers of the hit Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones games is to join forces with Marvel Entertainment, it's announced...

Mad Max: the spectacular gameplay trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Apr 24, 2015

Avalanche Studios' Mad Max game is out in September. Here's a look at its potentially spectacular open-world gameplay...