Mark Harrison

Mark is a writer from Middlesbrough, who once drunkenly tried (and failed) to pitch a film about his hometown to a director from Pixar. Fortunately, he also has several other projects on the boil, including feature film scripts, and writing and performing comedy sketches with Cheap Craic. His writing for Den Of Geek is largely either about Doctor Who, or the question "What does Hollywood think it's playing at?" Mark also reviews new cinema releases and TV shows at The Mad Prophet.

Recent articles by Mark Harrison

Saluting geek TV's "Zeppo" episodes

Mark Harrison Feature
Apr 28, 2016

Buffy, Doctor Who, Star Trek and more have all devoted episodes to members of their supporting cast...

Jane Got A Gun review

Mark Harrison Review
Apr 26, 2016

Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor star in new western Jane Got A Gun. Here's our review...

Criminal review

Mark Harrison Review
Apr 21, 2016

Kevin Costner leads the impressive cast of the unimpressive Criminal...

Despite The Falling Snow review

Mark Harrison Review
Apr 19, 2016

Rebecca Ferguson stars in Despite The Falling Snow, and she's the best thing about the movie...

Hardcore Henry and videogames' influence on film

Mark Harrison Feature
Apr 11, 2016

Batman V Superman, Scott Pilgrim, Hardcore Henry and more show the growing influence of videogames on film....

16 novelty British TV spin-off singles

Mark Harrison Feature
Mar 29, 2016

From Mr Blobby to Red Dwarf's The Cat rapping, the novelty TV spin-off single is a rich UK tradition. Here are 16 that made the top 20...

Daredevil season 2: examining Jon Bernthal's Punisher

Mark Harrison Feature
Mar 25, 2016

With the help of the hugely talented Jon Bernthal, Marvel has finally done tragic and brutal on-screen justice to The Punisher. Spoilers...

Zootropolis review

Mark Harrison Review
Mar 22, 2016

It's changed from Zootopia to Zootropolis on its trip across the channel - but Disney's latest remains a treat, whatever it's called...

Sam Rockwell, and his many dance scenes in the movies

Mark Harrison Feature
Mar 17, 2016

From Moon and Iron Man 2, to Charlie's Angels, we salute the dancing screen work of Mr Sam Rockwell...

Indiana Jones 5: thoughts, expectations and what we know

Mark Harrison Feature
Mar 16, 2016

It's definite: Indiana Jones is returning to our screens in 2019. But Disney's announcements leaves a lot of questions behind...

Fifty Shades Of Black review

Mark Harrison Review
Mar 14, 2016

It only took a year: here's the spoof take on 50 Shades Of Grey. Chortle.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant review

Mark Harrison Review
Mar 10, 2016

The third Divergent film, Allegiant, may be the best of the lot but sadly, that's not saying much...

Movie merchandise, and how it's giving away big spoilers

Mark Harrison Feature
Mar 10, 2016

Action figures and LEGO sets are giving clues to big movie spoilers - even before the films concerned are released. But why?

Are young adult dystopia films in decline?

Mark Harrison Feature
Mar 8, 2016

Divergent, Maze Runner, Hunger Games, The 5th Wave - is the young adult dystopia bubble bursting now?

The Rescuers Down Under - the Disney renaissance's lost film

Mark Harrison Feature
Mar 2, 2016

Released in 1990, The Rescuers Down Under is one of the great forgotten films of the Disney renaissance. Mark takes a look back...

Secret screenings, walkouts and 'anticipointment'

Mark Harrison Feature
Mar 1, 2016

What happens when your surprise film isn't Star Wars or Deadpool? People simply get up and leave, it seems....

Green Lantern - what went wrong with the movie?

Mark Harrison Feature
Feb 16, 2016

Ryan Reynolds has hit big as Deadpool - but what was the problem with his 2011 Green Lantern movie? We take a look back.

Zoolander 2 review

Mark Harrison Review
Feb 11, 2016

Ben Stiller returns in Zoolander 2 - a sequel that takes its time finally getting going...

Point Break review

Mark Harrison Review
Feb 8, 2016

It's no disaster, but there's still not much point to the remake of Point Break...

Goosebumps review

Mark Harrison Review
Feb 2, 2016

Goosebumps is a family movie with a Joe Dante-tinged edge to is. Here's our review...

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