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Alternate Cover: Where are the jumping-on points?

Dark Avengers
James Hunt News Jun 29, 2009

Do comics suffer for their lack of accessibility to new readers when they're in the midst of a story arc, wonders James?

Alternate Cover: HeroesCon/WWPhilly news roundup

James Hunt News Jun 24, 2009

James rounds up what's been going on at HeroesCon and WizardWorld Philly...

The return of Captain America

James Hunt News Jun 17, 2009

Be warned: spoilers for Captain America #600 lie ahead...

Alternate Cover: Spoilers for Captain America #600

Captain America #600
James Hunt News Jun 17, 2009

James ponders the revelations of Captain America #600. And it's fair to say that he's not very impressed...

Alternate Cover: Captain America speculation

James Hunt News Jun 8, 2009

James wonders how the most All-American of heroes will return in Captain America #600 and Reborn...

Alternate Cover: Buying comics

James Hunt News Jun 1, 2009

James wonders if we should all be buying older comics, rather than new ones...

Star Trek: The Remastered Series Seasons 1, 2 & 3 review

The original Star Trek crew
James Hunt Review May 20, 2009

James wades through three box sets of Star Trek's original series...

Alternate Cover: What do comic creators do?

James Hunt News May 18, 2009

James deciphers the credts panel of the comics world....

Lost season 5 episodes 16 & 17 review - the season finale

Lost  516-17
James Hunt Review May 17, 2009

Lost's penultimate season draws to a close, and James tried to make sense of it all...

Lost season 5 episode 15 review

Lost 515
James Hunt Review May 11, 2009

Daniel definitely out for the count? Even his lolling corpse can't preclude his return in a show this strange...

Alternate Cover: This week's new comics

James Hunt News May 11, 2009

James runs his eye over new Angel, Wolverine and Action Comics releases...

Star Trek: Changing races

Star Trek: Changing races
James Hunt News May 10, 2009

James takes a look at the evolution of the 'alien trinity' of Star Trek…

Captain Kirk's five favourite weapons

The Kirk smirk - a winning smile when the phasers don't work!
James Hunt News May 7, 2009

James Tiberius 'hotlips' Kirk is as quick with a quip as a phaser. But is diplomacy really his weapon of choice…?

Lost season 5 episode 14 review

Lost 514
James Hunt Review May 4, 2009

"Any one of us can die", says a character in the latest Lost. And we all know what that means...

Alternate Cover: Looking at Star Trek: Countdown

James Hunt News May 4, 2009

James is disappointed with the Star Trek comic that proposes to close up the continuity gaps between Abrams and what has gone before...

Alternate Cover: Wolverine - The spin-offs

James Hunt News Apr 27, 2009

As the movie gears up for its cinematic release, James traces comic-doms Wolverine spin-offs...

Lost season 5 episode 13 review

Lost 513
James Hunt Review Apr 20, 2009

Last week's Lost was one of the best. So will this week's fall into the pattern of being, er, not very good?

Alternate Cover: Thrice weekly Spider-Man - success or failure?

Amazing Spider-man
James Hunt News Apr 20, 2009

Has Amazing Spider-Man succeeded in its three-weekly format? James delivers his verdict...

Alternate Cover: A Look at Wolverine: Weapon X #1

Wolverine: Weapon X. Again.
James Hunt News Apr 13, 2009

It's not that we don't want more Wolverine, argues James - but the solo titles need new ideas...

Lost season 5 episode 12 review

Lost 512
James Hunt Review Apr 13, 2009

This week's Ben-oriented episode is possibly one of Lost's strongest episodes ever...