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Craig Lines has written for various film and music magazines, has endured active service (and several blood-drenched tours of duty) on Den Of Geek from the beginning and has unleashed two whole books on the public to date. Learn more super-cool facts at

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Recent articles by Craig Lines

The top 10 Brucesploitation films

Craig Lines Feature Jul 7, 2015

Many films tried to capitalise on the popularity of the late, great Bruce Lee. Here are our ten favourites...

Ranking the American Ninja films in order of quality

Craig Lines Feature Jun 11, 2015

There were five official American Ninja films. And here's how we think they sit, from worst to best. Contains Michael Dudikoff.

Ninjas All The Way Down: The Mysterious World of Godfrey Ho

Craig Lines Feature May 5, 2015

We look at Godfrey Ho, the creator of classics like Ninja Terminator and Undefeatable. "I can't see you acting - more acting!"

Hasan Karacadag interview: D@bbe and new Turkish horror

Craig Lines Interview Mar 21, 2015

Never seen a Turkish horror movie? Traditionally, there haven't been many of them about. But that's all changing now...

What the movies teach us about possession

Craig Lines Feature Jan 5, 2015

As Deliver Us From Evil lands on disc in the UK, we look back at key lessons the movies teach us about possession...

Nekromantik Blu-ray review

Craig Lines Review Dec 15, 2014

Arrow Video have given Jörg Buttgereit's 1987 cult favourite a hi-def make-over. Here's Craig's review...

The unseen movies of legendary horror filmmaker Paul Naschy

Craig Lines Feature Oct 22, 2014

Paul Naschy was arguably Spain's finest maker of horror movies. Craig salutes his films, many of which remain little seen...

The beginner's guide to Italian exploitation cinema

Craig Lines Feature Oct 8, 2014

Fancy watching something a bit different this Halloween? Here's Craig's primer on Italian exploitation movies...

Scary houses: watching the cheap horror hiding in Tesco

Craig Lines Feature Oct 6, 2014

Spotted those shiny boxed horror movies in your local Tesco? Craig's watched them. All of them.

Why we shouldn't be too quick to lose our heads over remakes

Craig Lines News Mar 18, 2014

How Maniac (1980) and its 2012 remake with Elijah Wood showed that sometimes, just sometimes, another take on a film can work...

Why is cinema so obsessed with Vikings?

Craig Lines Feature Mar 3, 2014

From epic sagas to superhero movies, Vikings have been around since the dawn of cinema. Why are we so obsessed with them?

Tourmaline review

Craig Lines Review Oct 23, 2013

James Brogden's second novel is an imaginative delight... just don't say "steampunk" around Craig

A look back at Dennis Wheatley's black magic novels

Craig Lines Feature Oct 18, 2013

Dennis Wheatley's books have been out of print for years, but a reissue means it's time to revisit the master of occult fiction...

In defence of Donkey Punch

Craig Lines Feature Jul 4, 2013

The British indie horror Donkey Punch was released five years ago to almost universal displeasure. Craig defends an underrated film...

Looking back at M Night Shyamalan's The Happening

Craig Lines Feature Jun 20, 2013

Was The Happening the disaster everyone remembers? Or was it just fatally misunderstood? One man makes a case for the latter...

Remembering Zombie Flesh Eaters

Craig Lines Feature May 7, 2013

The undead never looked more grotty than in Zombie Flesh Eaters. Craig takes a look back at a 70s zombie classic...

Remembering The Warriors

Craig Lines Feature Mar 14, 2013

One of the most influential films of the 70s, The Warriors may have been Walter Hill's finest hour. Craig looks back at an action classic...

The Matthew Lillard Ready Reckoner

Matthew Lillard
Craig Lines News Aug 14, 2008

Craig lists the work of an off-beat actor whose career comfortably takes in the sublime and the ridiculous...

Bloodbath At The House Of Death DVD review

Of course it's all done in the best POSSIBLE taste...
Craig Lines Review Jul 14, 2008

Craig rediscovers the comic genius of Kenny Everett in this blood-spattered tale of creepy happenings in a haunted manor...

Outpost review

Outpost. Hits UK cinemas on 16th May.
Craig Lines Review May 7, 2008

Another low budget British horror film. And Craig hates himself for not liking it...