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Dark Souls II receives mammoth update ahead of DLC

Aaron Birch News Jul 22, 2014

Dark Souls II's first DLC is due today, and a new patch has addressed a huge list of issues...

Doom details emerge from Quakecon

Aaron Birch News Jul 18, 2014

Quakecon 2014 saw the behind closed doors reveal of the new Doom, and here are some details...

Former dictator sues Activision over Call Of Duty

Aaron Birch News Jul 17, 2014

Former Panama dictator Manuel Noriega has started legal proceedings against Activision over his portrayal in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Dishonored 2 to be revealed at Gamescom 2014?

Aaron Birch News Jul 16, 2014

The sequel to the excellent Dishonored could be seen in action at this year's Gamescom, according to leaks...

BioWare survey helps shape Mass Effect 4

Aaron Birch News Jul 16, 2014

If you want to have a little input into Mass Effect 4, complete BioWare's small survey...

Tekken 7 reveal trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Jul 14, 2014

Namco Bandai has announced the next instalment in the long-running Tekken series...

Heavenly Sword movie gets a trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Jul 11, 2014

Remember that PS3 launch game with the red-headed woman, a big sword and Andy Serkis? It's getting a movie...

Alien: Isolation pre-orders get Ellen Ripley and Co.

Aaron Birch News Jul 10, 2014

Those who pre-order Sega's upcoming Alien Isolation will get DLC starring the original movie cast...

Gearbox announces Battleborn

Aaron Birch Trailer Jul 9, 2014

Gearbox Software has announced a new IP called Battleborn, and you can see the teaser trailer here...

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel full E3 demo

Aaron Birch Trailer Jul 8, 2014

2K has released the full E3 demo of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and here it is...

Halo: Master Chief Collection Arbiter trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Jul 7, 2014

A new trailer for the upcoming Xbox One Halo collection has dropped, and stars Halo 2's Arbiter...

Top 25 underappreciated videogames of 1990

Aaron Birch Feature Jul 4, 2014

The 1990s were full of videogames that fell off most people's radar - such as these 25 from 1990...

The Witcher: Battle Arena MOBA revealed

Aaron Birch Trailer Jul 2, 2014

CD Projekt Red is entering the MOBA market with a mobile platform battle arena title...

Escape Dead Island announced

Aaron Birch Trailer Jul 2, 2014

A new spin on the Dead Island series has been revealed by Deep Silver, including a launch trailer...

Valiant Hearts: The Great War PS4 review

Aaron Birch Review Jun 27, 2014

Ubisoft takes us on a memorable journey through World War I in this charming puzzler...

GTA Online heist information leaked

Aaron Birch News Jun 26, 2014

Details of the upcoming online heists for GTA Online, and other content, has apparently leaked...

Shovel Knight launch trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Jun 24, 2014

Love letter to all things retro and platformy, Shovel Knight has a launch trailer, and here it is...

The top 25 forthcoming multiplatform videogames

Aaron Birch Feature Jun 23, 2014

None of these are exclusive to PS4, Xbox One, Wii U or PC. Instead, these are 25 forthcoming videogames across multiple platforms...

Another World coming to PS4

Aaron Birch News Jun 19, 2014

The cinematic classic, Another World, is returning, arriving on the PS4 next week...

The top 10 upcoming Wii U exclusives

Aaron Birch Feature Jun 18, 2014

Could the Nintendo Wii U have a shot at turning the corner? These ten upcoming exclusive games certainly give it a shot...