By Kirsten Howard

In Marvel Comics, Agatha Harkness is more friend than foe, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t ruthless. Spoilers ahead!

Agatha Harkness is a pivotal character in Disney+ series WandaVision, and her Marvel Comics roots go back to the 1970s.

She was first introduced as a skilled witch in an issue of Fantastic Four.

Formerly the leader of a colony of witches in New Salem, Agatha later became a mentor to Scarlet Witch and helped her to explore her powers.

Wanda used energy from Agatha’s grandchildren to become pregnant with Vision’s babies.

When Wanda became unstable and her twins started intermittently disappearing, Agatha investigated the situation.

Powerful demon Mephisto told Agatha that Wanda’s children were actually fragments of his soul and took them back.

To help Wanda deal with the grief of losing her twins, Agatha tried to wipe her memory.

Wanda was furious when she found out that Agatha had messed with her mind and Agatha’s betrayal was instrumental in Wanda’s subsequent mental breakdown.

Agatha and Wanda’s fates have often been intertwined and the witches drift in and out of each other’s stories.

Now, in Marvel’s WandaVision, the duo clash again inside the mystical anomaly of Westview.

Agatha posed as Wanda’s nosy neighbor while Wanda tried to play happy families with her dead lover, Vision.

But she meddled with Wanda’s idealistic new life and tried to reintroduce her dead twin back into the equation, triggering Wanda’s suspicions.

Are these two powerful witches destined to cross paths again?