By John Saavedra

The best animation studios out of Japan have come together to reimagine the Star Wars galaxy in nine new short films for Disney+.

Unlike other blockbuster franchises like The Matrix and Batman, Star Wars has never received the anime treatment.

That’s what makes Star Wars: Visions so special. It provides a platform for anime creators to present completely different takes and new perspectives on the galaxy we love.

While walking a fine line between canon and “what if” scenarios, Visions tackles everything from the classic Force-sensitive sibling trope to the effect that Imperial rule has on the environment.

One episode called “The Duel” even pays homage to one of the original inspirations for Star Wars: the Japanese film Yojimbo, Akira Kurosawa’s masterful tale of a wandering samurai.

“The Duel” introduces us to the mysterious anti-hero Ronin and interprets the iconic imagery of Star Wars through the lens of feudal Japan as portrayed in classic samurai cinema.

“The Ninth Jedi” envisions a future without the Jedi Order. A hopeful padawan and her mysterious master work together to bring back the light side of the Force.

Most intriguing of all is the story of “The Elder,” which follows a very old Sith warrior who travels the galaxy looking for worthy opponents to duel him.

Unlike other Sith, the Elder isn’t very interested in ruling, he just wants to be the best swordsman in the galaxy. It’s a fascinating new take on the ancient enemies of the Jedi.

What other surprises does Visions have in store? Find out when the anime short film collection hits Disney+ on Sept. 22.