By Michael Ahr

If you can’t wait until October for Halloween, Shudder is celebrating the six-month midpoint with their “Halfway to Halloween” lineup of movies and TV shows in April.

Creepshow returned for its second season April 1, and the TV adaptation of the 1982 Stephen King film continues to unleash its slate of monsters, murderers, and mystical mayhem.

Make sure you check out The Power, a horror film following a young nurse during the London blackouts of the 1970s who’s convinced a malevolent force haunts her run-down hospital.

Jessica Brown Findlay stars in The Banishing, a Shudder original film premiering April 15. As a formerly “fallen” woman, she escapes with her new family to a manor that holds dark secrets.

The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs begins its third season April 16, and the popular host continues sharing history and analysis along with his hand-picked horror double feature.

Antman’s David Dastmalchian hosts the 2021 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards April 18 to celebrate the year’s greatest and goriest content, including nominees The Invisible Man and Relic.

The 1980s horror doc continues April 26 with In Search of Darkness: Part II, sharing interviews with A Nightmare on Elm Street icon Robert Englund and special effects legend Tom Savini.

Among Shudder’s vintage film offerings is 1972’s Night of the Lepus. While fighting an exploding rabbit population, Arizona ranchers end up creating a swarm of giant, man-eating bunnies.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is also currently available, and although this sequel plays Leatherface for more laughs than the original, it’s still as gloriously insane.

Check out the Val Lewton collection from the famed producer of such 1940s psychological horror films as Cat People, The Body Snatcher, and Isle of the Dead.

On April 19, enjoy 1987’s The Stepfather, starring Lost’s Terry O’Quinn as a serial killer con man, or Housebound, a New Zealand horror comedy from 2014.

The Similars, a black-and-white Mexican sci-fi horror film from 2015, premieres on Shudder April 26. It has a weird, wicked sense of humor mixed with mounting existential dread.

The best news is that Shudder is offering a 50% discounted subscription to those who sign up before April 22, so all this great horror can be yours in just a few clicks!