Rose To Fame 

How The Boys’ 

By Kirsten Howard

Jack Quaid is quickly becoming a geek icon, and one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood.

Quaid is the son of famous actors Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan.

The 28-year-old began his acting career as minor villain Marvel in The Hunger Games.

He was worried that his role in The Hunger Games would result in a backlash against him when it was released.

Quaid was later cast as an A&R executive in HBO’s short-lived period drama series, Vinyl. The show was renewed for a second season, but ultimately cancelled before filming began.

Quaid is now best known for playing Hughie Campbell on Amazon’s smash hit superhero series, The Boys, alongside Karl Urban and Antony Starr. 

In the comic series that The Boys is based on, Hughie was deliberately drawn to look like British actor Simon Pegg.

When The Boys became a TV series, Pegg was too old to play Hughie, but appeared opposite Quaid as Hughie’s dad in Season 1.

This year, Quaid lent his voice to the character of Brad Boimler in the popular Star Trek animated series, Lower Decks

Boimler is a human who is obsessed with abiding by the rules, and has to learn to break out of his safe space to achieve his dream of becoming a starship captain.

Quaid has also joined the cast of Scream 5 in a major role.

The film promises to be a continuation of the slasher franchise we know and love.