By Aaron Sagers

Funko Pop! vinyl figures have long dominated the shelves of geek culture fans, but it’s tough to keep up with all of the trendy items that have become available.

Presented by Funko Europe has Pop! figures but also clothing, licensed board games, card games, toys, and other accessories through their premium fashion brand, Loungefly.

The latest Mandalorian-themed Funko Pop! captures all the things we love about the Disney+ show: a stoic Din Djarin, a smiling Grogu, and a jetpack.

The Death Watch figure, inspired by both The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, features a T-shirt depicting the clan that adopted Din Djarin.

Or you could carry around a version of The Child yourself with this premium faux-leather mini pack from Loungefly, lined with stylized Grogu illustrations and Aurebesh script.

There’s also the Back to the Future: Back in Time game from Funko Games, a cooperative adventure in which players must ensure that George and Lorraine meet and fall in love.

Another nostalgic pick is Masters of the Universe: Skeletor on Panthor, one of the cutest ever depictions of the evil Battle Cat and his villainous rider.

Gamers will enjoy the Halo-themed Funko Pop! depicting Master Chief holding an MA40 assault rifle and wearing snazzy hydro deco gear.

Hulkamaniacs know the power of 24-inch pythons can bring anyone down to size, and the Hulk Hogan Pop! does so quite literally while tearing off his shirt in trademark fashion.

The Marvel Comics: Spider Armor MKIII figure proves that Peter Parker is no stranger to souped-up threads, especially when battling the Sinister Six.

But Marvel fans who have enjoyed WandaVision will love the Halloween Vision figure, which pays homage both to the Disney+ show and the original comics costume of the hero.

Whatever your favorite movie or TV series may be, chances are Funko Pop! and Loungefly will have the perfect item to celebrate it.