Eric Andre’s Craziest  Guest  Moments

The Eric Andre Show is back for season 5 with new guests and a new look. But can they top past guest star pranks? 

By Chris Longo

Adult Swim’s The Eric Andre Show is a spoof on the talk show format and an elaborate celebrity prank show. 

Andre routinely surprises guests with outrageous antics and uncomfortable situations. 

Pauly D on The Eric Andre Show

Andre told Den of Geek in a recent interview that the set is a “haunted house.”

His producers don’t tell guests what to expect before they enter the studio… 

Seth Rogan on The Eric Andre Show

And it has led to screams, shrieks, walkouts, and outraged personal publicists. 

T.I. on The Eric Andre Show

Though some guests are oblivious, even those who are in on the joke can’t escape the madness.

Jimmy Kimmel on The Eric Andre Show

Jack Black and Jimmy Kimmel found out the hard way.

Jack Black on The Eric Andre Show

The musical guests don’t get off easy either. 

Just ask Rick Springfield.

Andre has had some close calls: He was nearly beaten up by The Sopranos star Steve Schirripa.

Lauren Conrad’s appearance remains the show’s most viral interview. 

The unsuspecting actress will never be the same.

Lauren Conrad on The Eric Andre Show

In Season 5, Andre’s guests include musicians Grimes and Lil Yachty, NBA star Blake Griffin, wrestler John Cena, and more. 

Grimes on The Eric Andre Show

Rapper/Singer Lizzo even gets into the green suit for Bird Up this season.

Watch our full exclusive interview with Eric Andre below!