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By Nick Morgulis

With the proliferation of superhero movies and TV shows, Hollywood is making it really easy and fun to turn your comic book-collecting habit into a way to make a little extra money.

Ever since comics started being a specialty item, people have been pricing potential resale value into their comics purchases.

The biggest difference nowadays is how dominant superhero stories are in our culture.


All it takes is a rumor that a particular hero or villain may appear in an upcoming movie or TV series for that character’s early appearances to skyrocket in value.

Avengers: Endgame

That’s one of the reasons why comic back issues are some of the hottest collectibles on the market.

If you’re going to jump in now, there are a few things you should know before you start.

Big characters like Superman, Captain America, or Batman find their prices remarkably stable.

Superman & Lois

Every Batman book is priced correctly. It’s the secondary and tertiary characters where the most movement happens and where the best values can be found.

Meet Miracle Molly!

If they’ve announced the character for a movie or television appearance, it’s probably too late. The needle has already moved.


It’s important to keep an eye on the solicitations for new books, both to spot key issues as they’re released, and to try and divine hints from what Marvel and DC are deciding to reprint.

If they’re reprinting something that looks random, chances are it’s to get ahead of something about to happen.

The good thing about the comics market right now is that these price jumps seem like they’re holding up.

The first appearance of Captain Marvel is not going to drop. So while there are bad times to get in on a book, there aren’t necessarily bad times to get out.

Captain Marvel

Because of the low print runs common with modern comics, it’s much easier to grab a key issue as it comes out than it is to try and hunt it down on a secondary market.

Ultimately, one of the best ways to get into the comics collecting game is to get into the comics reading game!

This has the added benefit of exposing you to some really great comics that you’ll enjoy over time, regardless of any potential price increases