Cobra Kai

Season 3 Predictions

By Gene Ching

Cobra Kai has found new life on Netflix, and after a show stopping finale to build on, season 3 could be the series’ best yet.

There are details to be gleaned from trailers, teasers, and clips already released about what the coming season might look like.

An early teaser showed Daniel in Okinawa behind a stabbing sai with the mysterious off-screen line, “Are you sure about that?”

Later trailers confirmed that this was the voice of Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) from the 1986 film, Karate Kid Part II.

Tamlyn Tomita of Star Trek: Picard fame will also reprise her role as Kumiko, Daniel’s love interest from Karate Kid Part II.

Cobra Kai has always maximized its use of cameos and recurring roles for actors from the original films.

Bringing back Martin Kove as John Kreese to challenge Johnny in season 2 was a game changer for the series.

At the end of season 2, Johnny received a Facebook friend request from Ali Mills Schwarber, Elisabeth Shue’s Karate Kid character.

Although there’s no hint of a return for the erstwhile cheerleader in the trailers, fans would eagerly welcome an Ali cameo.

In the meantime, season 3 will have to address Miguel’s life-changing injury and its consequences.

With neither Daniel nor Johnny in charge of their dojos anymore, will the healing begin or will the feud only escalate?