OF 2021  

By Matthew Byrd

While the best video games will always be the ones that helped get you through this strange year, these are the 10 best games we played in 2021.

Unsighted's Zelda-like gameplay is perfectly complemented by a constantly ticking clock that forces you to make difficult choices. You'll want to return to this game again and again.

 10. Unsighted  

Halo Infinite makes some big changes to this franchise's formula, but it ultimately feels like the purest (and best) Halo game of the last 15 years.

 9. Halo Infinite  

Unpacking's relaxing puzzle gameplay is secretly a vehicle for its heartfelt minimalist story that will leave you appreciating those special items in your own life.

 8. Unpacking  

Guardians' incredible story, unforgettable characters, perfect soundtrack, and engaging action/adventure gameplay helped it exceed all expectations.

 7. Marvel's Guardians     of the Galaxy  

Arguably the year's most "calming" game, Chicory is a stunningly beautiful adventure title with lots of heart and surprising depth.

 6. Chicory: A    Colorful Tale 

At a time when the indie gaming scene is filled with incredible Metroidvania experiences, Dread shows why nobody does it quite as well as Samus.

 5. Metroid Dread  

Ultimately, it's hard not to love a time loop game set in a heavily stylized version of the '60s starring two assassins locked in a dance to the death.

 4. Deathloop  

What starts as a simple deckbuilding title gradually morphs into one of the most horrifying, subversive, and unforgettable gaming experiences in recent years.

 3. Inscryption  

Against all odds, this sequel managed to exceed years worth of expectations. Some of 2021’s best writing, level design, and characters can be found in this magical game.

 2. Psychonauts 2  

Returnal is the rare title that combines breakneck action gameplay with a story that will haunt you for years. It reminds us of the power and potential of gaming.

 1. Returnal