OF 2021  

By David Crow

Marvel, Mares, and Midnight masses all made for some of the best television of 2021.

Den of Geek is compiling the best that pop culture had to offer in the year 2021. Here are our choices for the 10 best TV shows, as voted on by Den of Geek contributors and readers.

 This Marvel Cinematic Universe side quest on Disney+ cemented Loki as one of Marvel’s best characters and brought the multiverse to the storytelling fold.

 10. Loki  

A touching, yet wildly violent superhero origin story, Invincible was a big hit for Amazon Prime.

 9. Invincible  

Premiering over three days on Disney+, this Peter Jackson docuseries was a love letter to both The Beatles and the creative process itself.

 8. The Beatles:    Get Back  

As newly-minted members of the Vampiric Council, the vampires of Staten Island were in over their heads this year. And it all made for great television.

 7. What We Do in    the Shadows  

TV’s most wholesome comedy returned for a second season on Apple TV+ and found a reservoir of pain behind its titular coach’s mustachioed smile.

 6. Ted Lasso 

Sometimes you know a sure thing when you see it. Still, Kate Winslet in a miniseries about an Eastern Pennsylvania detective was somehow even better than we anticipated.

 5. Mare of Easttown  

Boasting a triumphant masterpiece of a finale, Succession season 3 was another funny and tragic exploration of a broken family.

 4. Succession  

You ever notice how the description of angels in the Bible are terrifying? Well, Midnight Mass creator Mike Flanagan did too and turned that observation into this modern classic Netflix horror series.

 3. Midnight Mass  

South Korean dystopian survival series Squid Game was unexpectedly the year’s biggest pop culture phenomenon. It was also a damn good TV show.

 2. Squid Game  

Marvel opened the year with a bang, with this affecting love story between Wanda Maximoff and The Vision that also paid beautiful homage to the TV history that preceded it.

 1. WandaVision