By Matthew Byrd

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Happy Home Paradise DLC is big enough to be a sequel! Here are 10 new activities you simply have to do to get the most out of this update.

In case the name didn't give it away, you have to visit the new Happy Home Paradise Resort. This new area is the gateway to so many of this DLC's best new features.

While you're at the Happy Home Paradise Resort, be sure to talk to the villagers and help them build their dream vacation homes. Every villager has wildly different tastes and requests.

Build the room of your dreams with Happy Home Paradise's new interior design options. From dividing walls to pillars, this DLC lets you create truly elaborate homes.

Are custom interiors not enough for you? Be sure to check out this DLC's extensive exterior design options that even let you customize a vacation home’s current season and active weather.

This DLC's roster of additional characters means that you can finally invite new villagers to live on your island. Will this feature create any drama over who stays and who goes?

Completing resort design assignments will earn you Poki (this DLC's new currency) that you can then use to acquire new furniture and other rare items that will help make your home unique.

Happy Home Paradise's endgame will also allow you to customize your villagers' homes. That means you'll finally be able to correct some of your villagers' regrettable design decisions.

If you're tired of designing homes, be sure to check out one of Happy Home's new facilities. From schools to hospitals, these new buildings will make your village feel like a true community.

Be sure to explore Happy Home Paradise's Happy Home Network if you want to share your vacation resort creations with others and visit the best designs the New Horizons community has to offer.

While it's not a new feature, Happy Home's biggest draw may just be the ability to start over and build your new island from scratch with all of these new possibilities in mind.