Xbox 360

Fable Anniversary trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Jan 22, 2014

A new trailer for the upcoming HD remake of Lionhead's Fable has been released, and here it is...

Xbox One backward compatibility hack is a hoax

Aaron Birch News Dec 11, 2013

Whatever you do, don't try this at home, or you could brick your Xbox One...

Titanfall to remain Microsoft exclusive?

Aaron Birch News Oct 30, 2013

Sony fans hoping that they may one day play Titanfall will have to look elsewhere for giant mech action, at least until a sequel arrives...

Xbox 360 title update fees removed

Xbxo 360
Aaron Birch News Jun 28, 2013

Microsoft has confirmed that it's ditched excessive fees for title updates...

New Xbox already being manufactured

Xbox 360
Aaron Birch News May 4, 2012

Microsoft’s next Xbox is being built as you read this, according to reports…

No Xbox 720 at E3

Xbxo 360
Aaron Birch News Mar 16, 2012

Rumours may abound, but Microsoft isn’t rushing to talk about the next Xbox…

Xbox 720: no disc drive

Ryan Lambie News Mar 9, 2012

Microsoft is fully embracing the digital marketplace with its next Xbox, it seems, as reports suggest that the console won’t include a disc drive…

Binary Domain Xbox 360 review

Binary Domain
Aaron Birch Review Feb 26, 2012

If Blade Runner, Gears of War and Snatcher had a baby, it’d probably end up looking like Binary Domain…

Syndicate Xbox 360 review

Aaron Birch Review Feb 21, 2012

The 90s classic, Syndicate, returns, but can it make a successful jump into the FPS genre?

Shank 2 Xbox 360 review

Shank 2
Aaron Birch Review Feb 9, 2012

Get your grindhouse on, as Shank 2 is here to pour blood into your Xbox. Here's Aaron's review of a great shooter sequel...