Woody Allen

Woody Allen to make TV series for Amazon Studios

Rob Leane News Jan 14, 2015

For the first time ever - Woody Allen will dabble in TV, for Amazon Studios…

The movie directors who could use a good boss

Simon Brew Ed Kegenof Odd List Jun 20, 2014

They're talented, individual, but could, possibly, do with a bit of editorial guidance. Could these directors use a boss, we wonder?

Blue Jasmine review

Paul Martinovic Review Sep 27, 2013

There's a lot to like about Blue Jasmine, but is it really a return to form for Woody Allen?

10 best music moments from Woody Allen films

Ivan Radford Feature Sep 30, 2013

Ivan gives the soundtrack from Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine a listen, and provides a rundown of the filmmaker's 10 best music moments...

Why are we so suspicious of shorter blockbuster films?

Simon Brew News Jan 17, 2013

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters' sub-90-minute length has caused suspicion on the web. When did shorter films become a bad thing, we wonder?

To Rome With Love review

Simon Brew Review Sep 14, 2012

Woody Allen takes us to the heart of Italy for his latest movie, From Rome With Love. Is it worth the trip?

Celebrating milkshake in the movies

Louisa Mellor Feature Aug 21, 2012

A famous line, a famously exorbitant price, and surely the most frequently thrown drink in cinema, we celebrate milkshakes in the movies…

Robert Weide interview: on making Woody Allen: A Documentary

Michael Leader Interview Jun 14, 2012

With his latest work Woody Allen: A Documentary out now, Michael caught up with filmmaker Robert Weide for a chat about the making of the film...

The 10 best films of Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal
Glen Chapman Odd List Feb 23, 2012

As he prepares to host the Academy Awards once more, we chart the movie highlights of Billy Crystal's career...

Midnight In Paris review

Midnight In Paris
Michael Leader Review Oct 6, 2011

Woody Allen's most successful film ever at the US box office arrives in the UK. So: is Midnight In Paris any good?