10 remarkable things about Species

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Apr 2, 2014

An all-star cast hunt down a female alien in 1995's Species. Here are 10 remarkable things about this very strange film...

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Revisiting Species: The Awakening

Species: The Awakening (2007, V)
Tom Latham News
Aug 31, 2009

We conclude our look at the slow-burning sci-fi franchise with this straight-to-disc entry...

Revisiting Species: Species III

Species III
Tom Latham News
Aug 6, 2009

With Natasha Henstridge AWOL, a beer-money budget and a ludicrous plot, the Species franchise is looking very shaky indeed...

Revisiting Species: Species II

Lovely but deadly - Sil 2 in Species 2
Tom Latham News
Jul 26, 2009

Our continuing look at the unloved Species franchise finds the first sequel amping up the shocks but ruining all else...

Revisiting Species: an unloved franchise

Tom Latham News
Jul 24, 2009

Why is Species such an unloved franchise? Tom aims to find out, one film at a time...