Return Of The Jedi

How Star Wars Aftermath bridges The Force Awakens gap

Rob Leane Feature
Jul 13, 2016

Chuck Wendig's Star Wars: Aftermath novel begins bridging the gap between Return Of The Jedi and The Force Awakens...

Revenge Of The Jedi: rare trailer surfaces online

John Saavedra Trailer
May 26, 2016

From the time when Return Of The Jedi was still called Revenge Of The Jedi, a very rare Star Wars trailer has reappeared...

Star Wars: Boba Fett originally had a much larger role in Return Of The Jedi

May 5, 2016

Summarily ejected from Return Of The Jedi, fan-fave bounty hunter Boba Fett was originally going to be the main villain, it's revealed...

In memoriam: Admiral Ackbar voice actor Erik Bauersfeld

Ryan Lambie News
Apr 5, 2016

We're sad to report that Erik Bauersfeld, the voice actor famous for playing Admiral Ackbar in two Star Wars movies, has passed away.

Star Wars: why does the Empire keep building Death Stars?

Andrew Blair Feature
Feb 4, 2016

Is there actually a story reason why the Empire in Star Wars is obsessed with Death Stars? We take a look...

50 great foreign movie posters for English language films

Nick Horton Feature
Feb 5, 2016

Labyrinth, Star Wars, Boogie Nights, Pulp Fiction and more look very different on movie posters as they go around the world...

Star Wars: the changing face of Sy Snootles & the Rebo band

Ryan Lambie Feature
Jan 22, 2016

In the Special Editions, the Rebo Band were big victims of George Lucas' digital wand. Here's how CGI changed them - seemingly forever...

Why Star Wars matters

Duncan Bowles Feature
Dec 16, 2015

One man on why Star Wars means so much to him, and why it continues to matter...

The Star Wars films, the Skywalkers, and the Chosen One

Jordan Adcock Feature
Nov 30, 2015

Both Anakin and Luke Skywalker take the idea of a Chosen One - but how do the two Star Wars trilogies so far approach it?

Star Wars: other characters get their own posters

Ryan Lambie Poster
Nov 5, 2015

Look, we're sorry. Courtesy of us and an old copy of Photoshop, some other Star Wars characters get their own fancy posters...