Philip Tibbetts

Defenders Of The Earth: a cartoon that should be a movie

Philip Tibbetts Feature
Jun 3, 2014

Now we've had an Avengers movie, surely it's time for the original superhero team to make their way to the cinema screen?

Doctor Who: Dark Eyes 2 review

Philip Tibbetts Review
Feb 18, 2014

Philip checks out Big Finish's latest solid, enjoyable Eighth Doctor audio adventure, Dark Eyes 2...

Where did The Day Of The Doctor leave Doctor Who mythology?

Philip Tibbetts Feature
Dec 2, 2013

Now the dust has settled on The Day Of The Doctor, Philip tracks the ripples it leaves across Doctor Who canon...

Doctor Who: The Light At The End review

Philip Tibbetts Review
Oct 25, 2013

Philip checks out Big Finish's multi-Doctor 50th anniversary audio special, The Light At The End, written by Nicholas Briggs...

The legacy of Adam Adamant Lives!

Philip Tibbetts Feature
Sep 2, 2013

Philip looks back at BBC series Adam Adamant Lives!, from the creators of Doctor Who, and asks what legacy it left in its stead...

Revisiting Sapphire & Steel

Philip Tibbetts Feature
Aug 22, 2013

Philip revisits short-lived but well-loved time-travel TV series featuring Joanna Lumley and David McCallum, Sapphire & Steel...

Celebrating Quatermass: sixty years on

Philip Tibbetts Feature
Jul 18, 2013

To mark its 60th birthday, Philip salutes the Quatermass series, the grandfather of Doctor Who and mainstream UK sci-fi...