Travis Knight interview: Laika, Boxtrolls, Gilliam, future

Simon Brew Interview
Sep 11, 2014

The man who runs Laika, Travis Knight, chats to us about his plans, hating sequels, more Laika movies, Terry Gilliam and The Boxtrolls.

The Boxtrolls review

Simon Brew Review
Sep 10, 2014

The makers of Coraline and ParaNorman return with The Boxtrolls. Here's Simon's review of an exquisitely animated film...

Coraline and the value of scary family films

Mark Harrison Feature
Sep 10, 2014

As Laika prepares to release The Boxtrolls, we look back at its earlier stop-motion masterpiece, the horror-tinged Coraline...

Exclusive: Laika chasing Terry Gilliam for animated film

Ryan Lambie News
Mar 13, 2014

A stop-motion film by Terry Gilliam? The director's exclusively revealed that the makers of Coraline have approached about making one...

The James Clayton Column: Epic little greatness and miniature heroes

James Clayton Feature
May 24, 2013

As DreamWorks' Epic arrives in the UK, James thinks back to other movies where their characters are shrunk to miniscule size...

The James Clayton Column: Why stop-motion is so special

James Clayton Feature
Oct 19, 2012

As Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie arrives in UK cinemas, James explains why stop-motion animation is so special…

The stop motion animation box office glass ceiling

Simon Brew Feature
Sep 13, 2012

As Aardman's The Pirates! arrives on disc, and ParaNorman hits UK cinemas, Simon wonders why interest in stop motion animation is limited...

Chris Butler and Sam Fell interview: on writing and directing ParaNorman

Ryan Lambie Interview
Sep 13, 2012

With ParaNorman out this Friday, we caught up with its makers to chat about how they made it...

ParaNorman review

Ryan Lambie Review

The makers of Coraline return with a new stop-motion animated comedy. Here’s Ryan’s review of the delightfully macabre ParaNorman...

New trailer for ParaNorman: the animated sleeper hit of the year?

Simon Brew Trailer
Mar 2, 2012

Any film that has ‘From The Makers Of Coraline’ attached to it deserves some attention. And this new trailer for ParaNorman is quite brilliant…