Michael Ealy

Almost Human: the future tech we wish existed

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May 14, 2014

Sci-fi crime thriller Almost Human takes place in a world full of exciting new technology. Here are the inventions we covet the most…

Why Almost Human is a geek treat

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May 6, 2014

Starting tonight in the UK on Watch, JJ Abrams' Almost Human promises proper sci-fi, RoboCop-style violence, a strong cast and more...

Almost Human season 1 finale review: Straw Man

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The last Almost Human of the season provides a fond farewell rather than any platform for the future...

Almost Human episode 12 review: Beholder

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Will Almost Human reach its much-deserved second season? Here's Billy's review of the penultimate episode of the first...

Almost Human episode 11 review: Disrupt

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Is Fox putting Almost Human in jeopardy? Billy hopes this interesting, innovative show can survive to a second run...

Almost Human episode 10 review: Perception

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Billy is frustrated by the network shuffling Almost Human's episode order...

Almost Human episode 9 review: Unbound

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Gina Carano guest stars in this week's Almost Human, which poses more questions than it answers...

Almost Human episode 8 review: You Are Here

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Almost Human delivers its funniest episode yet. Here's Billy's review of You Are Here...

Almost Human episode 7 review: Simon Says

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Dorian's emotional side gets the better of him in this week's Almost Human...

Almost Human episode 6 review: Arrhythmia

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Almost Human returns to its early form with an episode that delves further into DRN subculture. Here's Billy's review...