James Gandolfini

Revisiting Terminal Velocity: an overlooked action treat

Tim George Feature
Jun 16, 2015

Long before Fast & Furious, Terminal Velocity - starring Charlie Sheen - was chucking cars out of planes. We look back at a 90s action treat

David Chase breaks silence on Sopranos' final scene

Tony Sokol News
Apr 15, 2015

David Chase has broken down The Sopranos final scene in an extended interview...

The Drop review

Mark Harrison Review
Nov 19, 2014

A crime thriller starring Tom Hardy and a scene-stealing puppy. What more could you want?

Would a Sopranos prequel series work?

Jamie Andrew Feature
Nov 11, 2014

Sopranos fan Jamie debates the merits of a prequel series documenting the years before Tony Soprano rose to power...

Trailer for James Gandolfini's final film, The Drop

Simon Brew Trailer
Apr 2, 2014

The late James Gandolfini stars alongside Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace in The Drop. Here's the trailer...

Explaining The Sopranos' final scene

Jamie Andrew Feature
Sep 6, 2013

In the first of a new series, Jamie analyses what really happened in The Sopranos' final scene, and what it meant for Tony Soprano...

Trailer for Enough Said, starring James Gandolfini

Simon Brew Trailer
Aug 7, 2013

A trailer is released for James Gandolfini's penultimate film, Enough Said. See it here...

The Sopranos: the greatest show ever made

Jamie Andrew Feature
Jul 19, 2013

Jamie salutes HBO's The Sopranos, a show that, with its dearly departed lead James Gandolfini, redefined television drama...

Top 10 TV stars we’d like to see more of on the big screen

James McManus Top 10
Jan 17, 2012

They light up the small screen, but have seen relatively little exposure in the movies. Here’s James’ of TV stars we’d love to see on the big screen…