Fast & Furious 6

Fast & Furious: ranking the movies in order of quality

Ryan Lambie Odd List
Apr 2, 2015

As Fast & Furious 7 arrives on UK screens, we attempt to rank all seven films in the franchise so far, from best to worst...

Justin Lin: Fast 6, Highlander, Community, Terminator & more

Ryan Lambie Interview
Sep 16, 2013

As Fast 6 arrives on disc, we interview director Justin Lin about leaving the franchise, long runways, Community and Highlander...

Why Fast & Furious 7 should be a slasher movie

Ryan Lambie Feature
Aug 20, 2013

With Fast & Furious 7, director James Wan could take the franchise into slasher movie territory. Ryan explains why he should...

The winners and losers of 2013's summer blockbuster season

Simon Brew Odd List
Aug 15, 2013

Iron Man 3 soared, R.I.P.D. spluttered. But what were the winners, losers, solid hits and surprises of summer blockbuster season 2013?

Fast & Furious 7: first poster, casting latest

Fast And Furious
Simon Brew News
Aug 9, 2013

There's the first poster for Fast & Furious 7 hidden here, as well as casting titbits on James Wan's upcoming movie...

Jason Statham talks Fast & Furious 7

Jason Statham taking over for David Carradine in Death Race.
Glen Chapman News
Jun 24, 2013

He's all set for Fast & Furious 7, and Jason Statham has been chatting about joining the action franchise...

Fast & Furious 6 hits big, The Hangover Part III doesn't

Simon Brew News
May 28, 2013

Fast & Furious 6 grabs a huge opening weekend, whilst The Hangover Part III falls way short of the last one...

A few words about Fast & Furious 6's post-credits sequence

Ryan Lambie Feature
May 20, 2013

Spoilers abound, as Ryan takes a closer look at Fast & Furious 6's credit sequence, and wonders what it will mean for Fast 7...

The forgotten casualties of the Fast & Furious franchise

Ryan Lambie Feature
May 21, 2013

As Fast & Furious 6 arrives, Ryan salutes the unsung heroes of the franchise: those whose cars have been trashed for more than a decade...

Fast & Furious 6 review

Ryan Lambie Review
May 14, 2013

Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Paul Walker return for Fast & Furious 6. Ryan finds out whether it can match the madness of the last film...