Amanda Palmer interview: music, marriage, Taylor Swift, Neil Gaiman

Dana Schwartz Interview
Sep 24, 2015

Amanda Palmer chats to us about her music, fame, family, controversy and Shaun The Sheep...

Laika inks deal for three more stop motion animated movies

Simon Brew News
Oct 6, 2014

Following Coraline, ParaNorman and The Boxtrolls, a trio of further stop motion Laika movies are heading to cinemas...

The Boxtrolls review

Simon Brew Review
Sep 10, 2014

The makers of Coraline and ParaNorman return with The Boxtrolls. Here's Simon's review of an exquisitely animated film...

Coraline and the value of scary family films

Mark Harrison Feature
Sep 10, 2014

As Laika prepares to release The Boxtrolls, we look back at its earlier stop-motion masterpiece, the horror-tinged Coraline...

25 hidden subtexts in family movies

Nick Horton Odd List
Apr 24, 2014

Family movies are just wholesome, innocent, politics-free entertainment, right? Well, no. Not at all, in fact...

Terry Gilliam interview: Zero Theorem, Twitter, 12 Monkeys

Ryan Lambie Interview
Mar 14, 2014

We talk to the legendary director Terry Gilliam about his new film The Zero Theorem, 12 Monkeys, social media and much more...

Exclusive: Laika chasing Terry Gilliam for animated film

Ryan Lambie News
Mar 13, 2014

A stop-motion film by Terry Gilliam? The director's exclusively revealed that the makers of Coraline have approached about making one...

Neil Gaiman on his first videogame, Wayward Manor

Ryan Lambie News
Jul 26, 2013

American Gods and Sandman writer Neil Gaiman's launching his first game, the spooky, quirky Wayward Manor...

10 terrific stop motion animation feature films

Carley Tauchert Top 10
Dec 3, 2012

At the end of what's been a great year for classic stop motion animation, Carley brings us her list of all-time great features...

The James Clayton Column: Why stop-motion is so special

James Clayton Feature
Oct 19, 2012

As Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie arrives in UK cinemas, James explains why stop-motion animation is so special…