Captain Phillips

The top 22 haunting endings to modern movies

Simon Brew Ryan Lambie Odd List
Feb 17, 2014

Whether they're bleak, shocking or sad, the endings to these 22 movies have haunted us for years...

Barry Ackroyd: The cinematography of Captain Phillips and more

Ryan Lambie Interview
Feb 14, 2014

With Captain Phillips out on Blu-ray now, we talk to cinematographer Barry Ackroyd about filming at sea, documentary filmmaking and more...

Captain Phillips review

Luke Savage Review
Oct 17, 2013

The true story of a cargo ship hijacking, Captain Phillips is as good a thriller as you'll see all year, Luke writes...

Paul Greengrass interview: Captain Phillips & crime stories

Ryan Lambie Feature
Oct 16, 2013

We talk to director Paul Greengrass about filming at sea and why Captain Phillips is a modern crime story...

Paul Greengrass talks Bourne

The Bourne Ultimatum. Has summer 2007 saved the best for pretty much last?
Glen Chapman News
Sep 5, 2013

Whilst promoting Captain Phillips, director Paul Greengrass was asked about a return to Bourne, and here's what he had to say...

New trailer: Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips

Simon Brew Feature
Aug 8, 2013

An early tip for next year's Oscars. Paul Greengrass' Captain Phillips film, starring Tom Hanks, has a new trailer...

First trailer for Paul Greengrass' Captain Phillips

Simon Brew Trailer
May 9, 2013

Tom Hanks stars in the new film from Paul Greengrass, based on the true life story of Captain Phillips...