Brighton Rock

In memoriam: Richard Attenborough

Ryan Lambie News
Aug 25, 2014

We pay our respects to Richard Attenborough, the legendary British actor, director and producer.

The top 50 assholes in cinema

Andrew Blair Odd List
Apr 25, 2014

They're despicable, smug and downright unpleasant. Andrew lines up his pick of 50 biggest unpleasant, sometimes heroic folk in cinema...

The acting roles of Richard Attenborough

Aliya Whiteley Feature
Apr 3, 2014

Tend to think of Richard Attenborough as a kindly old man? Aliya digs into his early career to find some far nastier roles...

10 gripping British thrillers of the 1940s

Aliya Whiteley Feature
Jun 20, 2013

The films of post-war Britain are fascinating; Aliya picks 10 of the best British thrillers from the 1940s

Brighton Rock review

Michael Leader Review
Feb 2, 2011

Michael checks out the new take on Brighton Rock. Where did it go wrong, he wonders...?

Music in the movies: Score round-up

Glen Chapman News
Jan 25, 2011

In this week’s Music in the movies, Glen provides the first in an occasional series of soundtrack round-ups, including themes from Monsters, Brighton Rock and Black Swan...