Platform puzzler Clockwork: first trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Feb 23, 2015

This year sees the release of Braid-like indie platform puzzler, Clockwork. Here's the first trailer...

Braid creator Jonathan Blow teases the scale of The Witness

Ryan Lambie News
Feb 9, 2015

Out this year, The Witness is a new puzzle adventure from Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid. Blow's been talking about the game's scale...

Why indie videogaming is so important

Simon Gilbert Top 10
Jun 3, 2014

What indie videogames lack in technical polish, they make up for with imagination. Simon explains why they're so important...

10 pivotal videogames of the last generation

Aaron Birch Feature
Jan 23, 2014

With the next wave of consoles now in the wild, we look at the most important games of the last generation of videogaming...

Top 10 visually stylish videogames

Ryan Lambie Top 10
Jun 17, 2011

We salute 10 of the most stylish games ever made, with visuals that err on the artistic rather than the photorealistic…

10 reasons why videogames aren’t doomed

Harry Slater News
Feb 23, 2011

News of the videogames industry’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Here’s Harry’s list of reasons why…

Limbo and the return of the 2D platformer

Ryan Lambie News
Aug 5, 2010

With LostWinds, Braid and now Playdead’s sinister, atmospheric Limbo receiving huge acclaim, is the once forgotten 2D platform genre back in vogue?

The top 10 most unlikely videogame heroes

Harry Slater Top 10
Jun 15, 2010

Not all videogame protagonists can be alpha males with rippling muscles like Marcus Fenix. So here are our ten most unlikely game heroes…

Braid gets a PS3 release

Braid: a downloadable beauty
Glen Chapman News
Nov 6, 2009

Braid is coming to the PS3! Glen is very happy!

Braid: An Appreciation

Braid: a downloadable beauty
Joe Martin News
Nov 3, 2009

Joe salutes the majesty of Braid, a game surely designed for those who love computer games...