A Serious Man

Keeping cinema's surprises

James Clayton Feature
Jul 25, 2014

In this week's column, James looks at the tricky task of retaining movie surprises in modern cinema...

The James Clayton Column: Can the Coens make me love cats?

James Clayton Feature
Jan 24, 2014

Inside Llewyn Davis leaves James pondering the role of cats in films, and whether the Coens can make him learn to love the furry moggies...

A Serious Man Blu-ray review

Mark Harrison Review
Apr 7, 2010

The latest movie from the Coen Brothers, and a Best Picture Oscar nominee, A Serious Man arrives on Blu-ray. Here's our review...

A Serious Man iPod download review

Anthony Enticknap Review
Mar 28, 2010

The Coen Brothers' Oscar-nominated latest, A Serious Man, hits the iTunes store...

Den of Geek Film Of The Year 2009

Den of News
Dec 17, 2009

What are Den Of Geek writers' favourite films of the year? We're glad you asked...

The James Clayton Column: The Coen Brothers: sadistic siblings

James Clayton News
Dec 11, 2009

Off the back of seeing A Serious Man, James Clayton wonders if the Coen Brothers really actually like us...

A Serious Man review

Mike Leader Review
Nov 24, 2009

Our second take on the Coen Brothers' new film, A Serious Man really is a movie you should you try and get to see...

A Serious Man review

Luke Savage Review
Nov 16, 2009

The brand new Coen Brothers movie, A Serious Man, proves to be one of the very best films of the year...