The Wolverine

The Wolverine 3: "we have a full script", says Hugh Jackman

Simon Brew News
Jan 28, 2016

The Wolverine 3 has a finished script, but if it doesn't start shooting soon, that March 2017 release date might just change...

The Wolverine 3: Patrick Stewart confirms his role

Simon Brew News
Aug 14, 2015

It seems definite: the final Wolverine film will cover the Old Man Logan arc, and Patrick Stewart will have a big part to play.

X-Men: Ranking the movies in order of quality

Rachel Meaden Feature
May 1, 2015

With three new X-films being released next year we look at the series so far. Which one tops the X-list?

The Wolverine 3 writer confirmed

Simon Brew News
Apr 27, 2015

Green Lantern and Blade Runner 2's Michael Green boards the next - and final - Wolverine movie...

The Wolverine 3 set to shoot next year

Simon Brew News
Mar 6, 2015

Director James Mangold confirms that production won't begin on Hugh Jackman's next Wolverine movie until 2016.

X-Men: Apocalypse - Hugh Jackman confirms discussions

Simon Brew News
Dec 16, 2014

Wolverine may yet be back in X-Men: Apocalypse, as Hugh Jackman has been chatting about the character's movie future...

Rila Fukushima lands major role in Arrow

Rob Leane News
Aug 28, 2014

Wolverine actress Rila Fukushima will play Tatsu Yamashiro in the forthcoming Arrow…

Decisions disliked by moviegoers that worked

Simon Brew Feature
Aug 13, 2014

Staggered releases, 12A action films, regional coding and more. We might not like them but they work...

Number of new 12A films passes 15s for the first time

Simon Brew News
Jul 17, 2014

As Jack Reacher attracts the most complaints, the BBFC reveals it classified record numbers of 12A movies in 2013...

X-Men spin-offs might be back on the table

Gambit - crowded out by Wolverine in the original X-Men but soon to make his own splash in movies
Simon Brew News
Apr 11, 2014

Possible X-Men spin-off movies for Gambit, Deadpool and Mystique...