The Expendables 3

Confirmed: The Expendables 3 gets PG-13 rating in the US

Simon Brew News Jul 2, 2014

The Expendables 3 gets a softer rating in the US, as its PG-13 status is confirmed.

The Expendables 3: new full trailer

Ryan Lambie Trailer Jun 17, 2014

Helicopters, explosions and one-liners abound in the new full trailer for The Expendables 3. Take a look here...

The Expendables 3 to be PG-13

Simon Brew News May 19, 2014

Sylvester Stallone confirms that the latest Expendables movie, The Expendables 3, is to be PG-13.

New trailer for The Expendables 3

Simon Brew Trailer Apr 4, 2014

Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Statham, Ford, Li and more: it's The Expendables 3 trailer...

One Direction sign up for Expendables 3

Den Of Geek Feature Apr 1, 2014

The newest casting announcement about the upcoming Expendables film seems calculated to draw in a younger, female audience...

First (proper) trailer lands for The Expendables 3

Simon Brew Trailer Dec 19, 2013

Stallone, The Statham, Jet Li, Snipes and more line up for The Expendables 3. Here's the first teaser trailer...

Production wraps on The Expendables 3, first teaser poster

Simon Brew Poster Oct 29, 2013

'Never send a boy to do a man's job', proclaims the first The Expendables 3 poster...

Sylvester Stallone on his anti-Bruce Willis comments

The Expendables
Simon Brew News Sep 30, 2013

"Perhaps I shouldn't have been so vocal with it", admits Sylvester Stallone of his opinion on one-time Expendables co-star Bruce Willis...

Kelsey Grammer gets Nicolas Cage's Expendables 3 role

Simon Brew News Sep 18, 2013

Nicolas Cage won't be in The Expendables 3. But Frasier himself, Mr Kelsey Grammer, will be...

Harrison Ford and Arnold Schwarzenegger on Expendables 3 set

Simon Brew News Sep 2, 2013

The first set pic from the shoot of The Expendables 3 unites Harrison Ford and Arnold Schwarzenegger...