Toby Jones

Dad's Army to be made into (another) movie

Simon Brew News Apr 28, 2014

Bill Nighy and Toby Jones are being lined up for a new take on Dad's Army...

Who's returning for Captain America: The Winter Solider?

Captain America
Simon Brew News Jan 21, 2013

Chris Evans and Samuel L Jackson are already in the cast for Captain America 2. But who else from the first film is returning?

Doctor Who: Bring back the Valeyard!

Mark Harrison News May 17, 2010

When the credits rolled on last Saturday's Doctor Who, Amy's Choice, Mark had just one request in his head: get the Valeyard back!

Captain America casting latest

Simon Brew News May 10, 2010

As The First Avenger: Captain America gets set to go before the cameras, we’ve got two pieces of casting news to pass on…