Is Liam Neeson shortchanging his talent?

Andrew Blair Feature May 7, 2015

We all know Liam Neeson is a fine actor with an enviable range. But are his action days doing his talents justice?

Taken 3: the far more accurate poster

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As Liam Neeson opens the door for a possible Taken 4, the Taken 3 poster has undergone a necessary update.

Taken 4: Liam Neeson opens door to further sequel

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Taken 3 review

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Bryan Mills' eternal cycle of strained family relations, kidnapping and revenge continues with Taken 3. Here's our review...

Taken 3 cut to get a 12A rating in the UK

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Fox has cut Taken 3 to secure a 12A UK rating, as it did with Taken 2 and A Good Day To Die Hard...

First trailer lands for Taken 3

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Liam Neeson returns as Bryan Mills in what's said to be the final Taken film, Taken 3. Here's the trailer...

First pictures and new details of Taken 3

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New pictures land from Taken 3, as Liam Neeson suggests - again - that this might just be the last one...

Liam Neeson and the modern masculinity crisis

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Elderly action heroes and Hollywood age issues

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