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Bruce Campbell open to Army Of Darkness 2

Army of Darkness
Glen Chapman News
Oct 22, 2013

In a new interview Bruce Campbell has shown signs he's prepared to reprise his role as Ash in Army Of Darkness 2.

Directors who weren't invited back for the sequel

Simon Brew Odd List
Aug 21, 2013

Sometimes, a sequel brings back the original director. Sometimes, they pass. Sometimes, they don't get a choice...

Update on the new Poltergeist movie

Glen Chapman News
May 23, 2013

Is it a remake, a reboot or a semi-sequel? Some fresh details on the new Poltergeist movie have surfaced...

The James Clayton Column: Rethinking remakes as original premakes

James Clayton Feature
Apr 19, 2013

What if time were running backwards, and the remake of The Evil Dead actually came first? We'll let James explain this one...

What Renaissance Pictures did for geek TV

David Menzies Feature
Apr 12, 2013

Would we have had Mutant Enemy or Bad Robot without Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert's Renaissance Pictures? David thinks not...

Bruce Campbell interview: Evil Dead, being ordained, making bombs

Sarah Dobbs Interview
Apr 8, 2013

In the run-up to the release of the new Evil Dead, Sarah got to talk to a true horror legend: the groovy Bruce Campbell...

Danny Elfman interview: Oz, Sam Raimi, Burton, Batman & more

Duncan Bowles Interview
Mar 19, 2013

We had the unique opportunity to talk to composer Danny Elfman about working with Sam Raimi on Oz, Tim Burton, Batman, and much more...

From Lovecraft to Evil Dead: the history of the Necronomicon

Ryan Lambie Feature
Apr 3, 2013

With the Evil Dead remake on the way, Ryan looks back over the unholy history of its forbidden volume, the Necronomicon...

The Evil Dead review

Ryan Lambie Review
Mar 13, 2013

Sam Raimi's classic Evil Dead gets a remake. The result, Ryan writes, is a film low on scares but full of entertaining splatter...

Sequel to Evil Dead reboot already in the works?

Glen Chapman News
Mar 11, 2013

With the reboot of The Evil Dead incoming, its director suggests that a sequel is already being worked on...