Red State

The top 25 underappreciated films of 2011

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Our voyage through history's underappreciated films arrives at the year 2011, and a great year for lesser-seen gems...

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Kevin Smith
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Red State review

Red State
Simon Brew Review Sep 29, 2011

Kevin Smith's Red State finally lands in UK cinemas today. So then: is it worth going to see? Here's our review...

Running gags and inside jokes in Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse

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With Red State out on tomorrow in the UK, we provide a run-down of the running gags and inside jokes in Kevin Smith’s earlier films…

Celebrating the performances of Kevin Smith's Red State

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If there's one thing critics have all agreed on, it's that Red State's cast is uniformly excellent. Here, Mark celebrates the superb actors in Kevin Smith's movie...

Kevin Smith interview: Red State, Hit Somebody, and a bad Sean Connery impression

Simon Brew Interview Sep 25, 2011

Kevin Smith talks to us about Red State, Hit Somebody, and his future plans for Smodcast Pictures...

Red State: the most interesting indie film of the year so far?

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Kevin Smith’s horror movie Red State will soon be released in the UK. Ryan argues that it’s the most thought provoking indie movie of the year so far…