Michael Caine

Kingsman: The Secret Service put back to next year

Simon Brew News Aug 7, 2014

Matthew Vaughn's film of Kingsman: The Secret Service is to go head to head with Fifty Shades Of Grey...

First trailer and poster for Kingsman: The Secret Service

Simon Brew Trailer May 20, 2014

Matthew Vaugn brings Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons' The Secret Service to the big screen, with the help of Colin Firth...

Mystery DVD Club: The Statement

Rob Smedley Feature Mar 20, 2014

Tilda Swinton and Michael Caine in a film you've never heard of? That can't be a good sign...

Crossing the line movie car chases: The Italian Job

Ryan Lambie Feature Oct 29, 2013

A classic film, a classic car chase. Join us as we salute The Italian Job, as we continue to look to the release of Need For Speed Rivals...

10 remarkable things about The Swarm

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Oct 2, 2013

Michael Caine described it as one of his worst films. But that doesn't mean that there aren't some remarkable things about The Swarm...

New trailer for Now You See Me

Simon Brew Trailer Apr 11, 2013

Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Jesse Eisenberg star in magic-based crime caper movie, Now You See Me. Here's the new trailer...

Michael Caine on The Dark Knight Rises ending

The Dark Knight Rises
Simon Brew News Dec 6, 2012

How ambiguous in the ending to The Dark Knight Rises? Sir Michael Caine shares his thoughts...

First trailer for Now You See Me

Trailer Nov 19, 2012

A promising looking thriller, from the director of The Incredible Hulk. Here's the first trailer for Now You See Me...

10 things to love about Jaws: The Revenge

Ryan Lambie Top 10 Aug 22, 2012

Jaws: The Revenge is commonly cited as one of the worst movies of all time – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of things to love about it, as Ryan explains...

The Dark Knight Rises round-up

The Dark Knight Rises
Simon Brew News Feb 14, 2012

Tom Hardy on the voice of Bane, Gary Oldman on an important scene in The Dark Knight Rises, and a van with some new promotional artwork…