Mark Pickavance

Gerry Anderson's legacy lives on

Mark Pickavance News Mar 26, 2013

New Anderson Entertainment projects are on their way, as Jamie Anderson reminds us that anything can happen in the next half hour...

10 things we'd like to see in the new Thunderbirds series

Mark Pickavance Odd List Feb 5, 2013

Mark talks us through the ten things that ITV's new Thunderbirds series must feature to be worthy of its name...

The utter weirdness of The Secret Service

Mark Pickavance Feature Jun 5, 2012

Mark Pickavance celebrates the strange Gerry Anderson series that few ever saw

Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Next Level Blu-ray review

Mark Pickavance Review Feb 20, 2012

A selection of three classic Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes arrives on Blu-ray in remastered form. Here’s Mark’s review of The Next Level…

Hustle series 8 episode 6 review: show finale

Mark Pickavance Review Feb 19, 2012

Does the final Hustle go out with a bang, or is it all a con? Mark shares his thoughts...

Hustle season 8 episode 5 review

Mark Pickavance Review Feb 13, 2012

Mickey's gang take on Ron Weasley's dad in the penultimate episode of Hustle. Here’s Mark’s review…

Hustle season 8 episode 4 review

Mark Pickavance Review Feb 6, 2012

Mark puts on a few pounds as he munches through the ham in the latest installment of Hustle. Here’s his review of an entertaining episode…

Hustle season 8 episode 3 review

Mark Pickavance Review Jan 31, 2012

Hustle revisits a favourite subject, crooked coppers, in episode three. Here’s Mark’s review of another decent installment…

Hustle series 8 episode 2 review

Mark Pickavance Review Jan 23, 2012

Mark finds his faith in Hustle is rewarded by the remarkably polished direction of Adrian Lester.

Top 10 films of 2011: X-Men: First Class

Mark Pickavance Top 10 Dec 20, 2011

We arrive at entry number four in our finest films of 2011 list, so here’s Mark to explain why X-Men: First Class deserves so much attention…